Sidi Vortice boot fit compared to Vertigo?

Discussion in 'Tech' started by boxcrash, May 16, 2018.

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    Hello, as the title says I am curious about the fit of the Vortice boots compared to the Vertigo.

    I usually wear a 9.5 in shoes and my Vertigo boots (that are 12 years old) are 43 (9.5) and fit me perfect.
    I tried on the SMX A-Stars in 9.5 and those were a little too big, as if the 9's would be perfect.

    Does anyone know if the Vortice fit just like the Vertigo's? Nobody around here stocks them for me to try them on.
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    I am answering my own question if anyone ever searches out of curiosity....or google picks it up in a search.

    The Vortice's fit just like the Vertigo's, they did not change the sizing any.
    I also find the non-air version Vortice's have more ventilation than the non-air Vertigo's.

    Getting in and out of them takes longer, obviously, but once you get the rhythm down its not too bad

    MELK-MAN Michelin.. Bitches..

    get the Mag 1's.. You're welcome. :)
    Simply could not deal with the inordinate amount of time it took to get in and out of the vortice.
    Vertigo is a very basic boot. easy on and off though for sure. (but stellar price point)
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    Thanks, yeah I could just not get past the fact its all magnets on the MAG, call me old fashion and I know and have seen even printed magnets (or the thickness of a decal) produce amazing amount of hold strength

    Yeah the Corsa Vertigo had the across the top of the foot strap..sorry I should have mentioned Corsa, but aside from the across the top of the foot strap and the side struts connecting to the lower half, they were pretty much the same boot
  5. Bruce

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    I wish they still made the vertigo corsa. Still wearing mine from 06.
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    Nice....yeah, great boots. I bought mine in 06 as well, wear them on the street to, so the soles are almost gone and starting to lift/pull from the boot, thought about resoling them, but the colors are fading off of the leather (they look a dirty that won't clean off)

    I also have some cracking on the plastic on the shift plates and parts of them that wrap around the inner front toe, so they are about done
  7. Bruce

    Bruce Tuck & Roll

    Mine are rain boots, but they're so broken in and comfy still. Redid the soles a few years ago.
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    Yeah I am using them on rainy or higher chance rainy days right now...maybe I will get them re-soled
  9. Spitz

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    I didn't really dig the fishing line buckles. The older I get the easier shit works best, less stuff to break and easier typically to use.
  10. Ducti89

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    Had some low sides on a set of vertigo corsas where my Honder wound up on my right ankle during the slide. I walked away. Nuff said for me.
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  11. MELK-MAN

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    the magnets are there only to help hold the buckle/straps in place, while you tighten the straps.. without the magnets on the lil' hook bit, you would have to use a free hand to hold the strap in place while you spin the tightener. The magnet makes it easy, and tightening them up only needs one hand :)
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    Well son of, I watched someone talking all about the magnets in a review but never noticed the "hooks"

    The MAG also has less exoskeleton, since its now endo, to hang up on stuff. But I do like the SRS, replaceable sole pad up front on the Vortice...
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