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    I just wanted everyone to know that I will be racing at VMD but it will be a bit different. As maybe some of you know I lost my 6 yr old daughter Sophia to Leukemia 3 months ago. So I am going to have myself and all my guests wearing orange ShinefofSophia shirts as well as my bike being orange and purple to celebrate her life. So maybe if you see one of us just say SHINE FOR SOPHIA cause wherever she is I know that would make her happy.. Thankyou. PS I will bring some extra shirts in case any one wants one. We have been selling them and giving the proceeds to the Make A Wish foundation.. Thankyou, Greg Kappen #723
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  2. Mongo

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    It'll be good to see you and let the girls in reg know about the shirts too.
  3. IB723

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    Just wanted to say thanks to the announcer for saying some kind words about my family before one of my races... Also to Evelyn for setting it up...

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