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Discussion in 'General' started by Ducti89, May 21, 2020.

  1. Stumpy

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    I'm in Brunswick and its pretty good down here other than the occasional hurricane, but you can plan your location to help that. We're an hour from Jacksonville and Savannah (and Roebling). Property is still pretty cheap and acreage is available. Glynn, Camden, McIntosh, and Liberty Counties on the coast are still less developed than most. Savannah is sprawling like crazy moving into Effingham and Bryan counties. Good indoor range in Brunswick and plenty of gyms. Skating is not so available. No twisty roads but dual sporting can be good if you like sand.
  2. Jon Wilkens

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    I live west of ATL, but you'd never know the big city is an hour away. Rural living with lots of great properties and homes for not a lot of money. We are on 10 acres in the woods, 2400 sq ft house built in 2002, 1400 sq ft shop built in 2007....all for $200k. Taxes are under 3000 a year. I have a shooting range and no neighbors within sight (we are in the woods hidden from road even). We retired here 9 years ago and love living here. If you want a skating'll have to go into ATL. BUT, totally doable from out here. We are close enough to everything, yet dont' have to deal with any of the city issues. Topography is nice with nothing flat or straight around here as well. Search out Haralson County, GA real estate and see for yourself what your money can get you.

    Tally is under an hour, Barber is 100 miles, Rd ATL is 80 miles.
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    Timely thread, guys, as I ponder my future life as a "Halfback"..:crackup::crackup::crackup: (Note, Florida was certainly NOT my idea, though.;))
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    I’d probably suggest somewhere up Hwy 19 or Hwy 23, north of ATL, closer to the state line. That’ll give you easy access to arenas (~1 to 1-1/2hr drive) and any urban needs (ATL or Chattanooga). Either highway flows really well, so it’s not a PITA to go anywhere. Easy access to the TN/NC mountains for riding and recreation. Racetracks are easy enough. The coast isn’t all that far, either. Housing and taxes are still reasonable, as well.
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    I've lived in Knoxville, Atlanta, and now Athens. I liked Knoxville a lot and would recommend it to anyone. I hated everything about Atlanta, but spent 10 years there for wife's school. Finally moved back home to Athens area and I'm sure I'm biased some, but it to me is the best of everything the whole state has to offer. Big enough city to have plenty to do. We have the University of Georgia for athletics(they have a hockey team). Plenty of land opportunities within 30 min drive to Athens. Atlanta is only an hour away if you need to fly.
  6. Kris87

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    From a kid standpoint, the county over from Athens where I live(Oconee) has the best public schools in the state. That's a big plus, but shit ain't cheap in this county because of that factor alone. But plenty of surrounding counties with land(and shitty schools) to keep it cheap.
  7. Once a Wanker..

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    N. Fo.Co. land prices are going through the roof with Hindus and Muslims moving north in droves, as is anything close to the lake on either side.

    Draw a circle around Atlanta, with a minimum radius of 50 miles, and stay outside of that and at least 10 miles away from any limited access interstate or highway.
    As the "V" widens between I-75 and I-85 widens, commuters stay away, and prices come down. Folks are willing to drive some crazy commutes around the metro area, so 'close to 4 lane' becomes a comodity.

    Both Alpharetta and Cumming have rinks. Folks here like 'the mountains' so having a 'cabin up north' pushes prices up in some areas, like along I-575/Ga 515 to Blairsville. North Alabama is nice around Huntsville also.

    Drive around in the sticks until you find somewhere you like.
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  8. Jed

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    Or be like me and live ITP.

  9. Badger911GT3

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    Moved from Milwaukee to Cumming 12 years ago, and love it. Forsyth county has low taxes, 5 minute proximity to great shopping/restaurants in Alpharetta, yet I can be in horse farms and cow pastures in 5 minutes. Takes 35 minutes to get to Atlanta Motorsports Park, and about 45 minutes to get to Blood Mountain/Helen.
  10. drop

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    Maryville city schools are in top 5 in the state in academics and footballs
  11. Ducti89

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    Awesome info., guys. Thanks!
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    Are those real minutes or "Dong" minutes? Asking for a friend...
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    I did for 19 years and liked it. It's not what those who say they are from Atlanta, but live 45 minutes away, think it is. I lived on the westside (before that Brookhaven and Chamblee), worked in midtown, and rarely touched the highways. With a Grom, I could get wherever I wanted to go in short time.

    But, rural it is not. There are good places starting an hour north, west, and east of the city all the way out to and including TN, SC, and AL. Southeast TN is a solid suggestion.
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    I remember was either 2011 or 2012 I think. Whichever year it was, there were like hundreds of "super cells" during that storm and one of them hit within a 1/2 mile of us and tore up some stuff. It was later determined that it was in fact a tornado. So yes, they don't always miss our area, but like I said, many times once they come over the Plateau and hit the TN valley, they start turning North/N.E and miss us.

    And honestly, I'm terribly surprised that no one has bought that acreage and turned it back into an RV campground. It would be fairly easy access down Rt. 68 from Madisonville and the Skyway is like 2 miles up the road. Tellico Plains is a nice little town, but probably hard to make good living there without traveling some distance. that's a different story.
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    Kiss it.
  16. Metalhead

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    See my reply to Webster.
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  17. Jed

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    It's definitely not wide open places, but I think it's great. I'm west of 75 and almost at Marietta street. This part of town had changed a ton since the late 90s.

    Did anyone mention Cartersville, Rome, or Dalton? The Chatlanta corridor?
  18. SLLaffoon

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    I was in Dupont Commons until I moved to SoCal last fall. Nice neighborhood, but I was growing tired of the HOA there. When I moved in, the HOA was pretty loose and the residents pretty laid back. Since then, a "think of the children" vibe started to take hold. They twice voted to expand their powers during the time I lived there. I get it for some people, but not really my style.
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  19. Once a Wanker..

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    A lot of underdeveloped 'rural' areas along both sides of the Cherokee / Forsyth Co's. lines, and north indefinitely, because folks want to be 'close to 575 or 400.' Short drive down backroads to Milton/Alpharetta/Roswell.
  20. Jed

    Jed mellifluous

    You were Westside. I'm in Westover Plantation on Defoors. Remember the old rail bridge over the road? It's got a massive crack in it and is about to come down.

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