School me. Early to Mid 2000's Mercedes S55's

Discussion in 'General' started by zertrider, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. notbostrom

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    Still love my old rover. I do believe i could drive it up a tree and down the other side
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  2. Tristan

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    ok, had me wondering... Wife has the last year 430 (06) and loves it. She's itching to get a newer one, only reason I see to do so is to avoid the timing belt change that'll be due in 40-50K. From what I've seen the 07-12 460's interiors look almost identical to the 430's (ok with me) and the biggest change is the 4.6 motor with timing CHAIN. I'd personally avoid the AWD version 460, but haven't heard of any real problems with them.
  3. rd400racer

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    So the timing belt is about a grand at Lexus and it's not due for almost 50k miles? That's a pretty fair amount of time.

    My wife has an 07 Pilot with 150K miles and she loves it. Could care less about a newer vehicle. I just let her be:D
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  4. bored&stroked

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    I don't know the old ones at all. All my experience has been basically 05 and newer.
  5. Alex_V

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    What about a Mercedes Benz CL-600, are those any good?
  6. cha0s#242

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