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Discussion in 'General' started by INR1, Dec 26, 2004.

  1. INR1

    INR1 Well-Known Member

    what can we do to add some kind of security to our bikes when parked at in a hotel parking lot?

    Best to unload the bike and park it in front of the hotel?

    Leave it on the open trailer?

    Back it into parking spots so it makes it a bit more difficult to take the trailer off the car...

    Park in front of your room (doesnt help when its a larger one with parking in the rear of the hotel though)

    Looking for tips. Thanks folks.
  2. Jugglenutz

    Jugglenutz Well-Known Member

    sleep at the track
  3. Mblashfield

    Mblashfield Well-Known Member

    the only thing that ever gave me peace of mind was rolling my bike into my room for the night. you got to have a ground floor room though or own a rs125.
  4. INR1

    INR1 Well-Known Member

    Yeah the first floor option is good for the cheaper hotels, but im gona be travling down to Daytona before some track days at Jennings so Ill haev to stay in some hotels. Probably some of those oceanfront ones...but the parking thing is worrying me.
  5. ducnut748

    ducnut748 King of Speed

    try this

    get in touch with some local bike shops.....they might store it for you a few days...we did that once out in vegas...worked pretty good
  6. KillerCam

    KillerCam KillerCam Racing

    Brand new Shotgun allways works for me.

    Just kidding, you better try to get it inside the closer the better in the room is the best.
  7. KillerCam

    KillerCam KillerCam Racing

    Brand new Shotgun allways works for me.

    Just kidding, you better try to get it inside the closer the better in the room is the best.
  8. nikponcherello

    nikponcherello EX #688

    Near Downtown Detroit

    I had to leave my in the back of my pickup one night at a hotel, along with some of my big gear. Like spare wheels, etc. This wasn't in a great area of Detroit.

    I drove around the hotel first and found a well lit area of the parking lot. I ran a cable through everything including tires, stands, bike, etc, and padlocked it to the tiedown hooks of the truck. If you have a cable and lock, you'll be suprised how often you'll use it.

    Then I asked for room in front of that area of the parking. I backed the truck in and then slept on the window sill with hotel room light on so anyone could see me in the window.

    Not great, but I think it was effective.
  9. Mad Max

    Mad Max Well-Known Member

    The first time I ever had to leave the bike on the truck was my last trackday. The hotel parking lot was filled with bikes. I found a parking space right in front of my room and backed it in. There were much nicer bikes in the parking lot which was probably the biggest benefit :D
  10. nutnbutnet

    nutnbutnet Well-Known Member

    As a veteran of a Round-up and 3 Black Bike week's...what usually works for me is a 30ft braided cable from Lowes...I forget what they call cable (the word is not coming to me) but i use that and a big padlock and so far no problems..
    i usually take the bike off the trailor and run the cable through the bike frame and the trailor and secure it to a tree, parking deck column or something like that..seems to me if they have to
    move two seperate pieces it makes it harder to opposed to just hooking up to the trailor and driving off.
  11. CWN racing

    CWN racing Well-Known Member

    sleep at the track, if not I have an alarm on mine with glass break and it has a pager that works 1000ft away. I crank the sensitivity up . Nothing ever happens though, as long as it's a closed trailer. Now for an open one your asking for people to mess with your stuff
  12. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    We did open trailers with all the WERA toys and in 98/99 a ZX6R on them for many many years and as others have suggested - braided cable locks through everything and to the frame of the trailer - not to something that can be chopped quickly with a cordless sawzall. I also use one to lock the trailer to the truck frame on trailers where the hitch lock is iffy. Traveled with all sorts of bikes and equipment all of the country (including a fluorescent orange Hyabusa race bike from Willow to Birminghan after a 24 hour one year) and never lost a thing to theft even stopping in seedier parts of town for hotel rooms and restaurants.
  13. TWkeydet

    TWkeydet Well-Known Member

    I hauled my stuff on an open trlr for a couple of years. Generator, bike a box full of gear strapped beside it. I used the art of Fred Sanford looking trlr. Lots of straps and piles of stuff. At least that is what my friends called it.
    Seriously, I had a U shape bike lock on the front of the bike, forks and rim. I also had a cable lock around the others item and bike through the trailer. lock the trlr to the vehicle, back in and park under lights. Locks will keep honest people honest but if you can slow down the bad guys some it will help. I hope we have helped some.

    Thomas #890
  14. puresportsdesigns

    puresportsdesigns Yea, I guess

    I would think a big, mean dog leashed to the trailer would be a help too. Unless they happen to have a few pounds of steak or a 9 MM.:(
  15. scotth

    scotth Banned

    during football games here, you see a lot of trailers for tailgates. they're mostly enclosed or else the cooker rigs, but what you always hear about is not someone stealing stuff off or out of the trailer, but actually taking it off the tow vehicle and driving off with the whole thing. I'd find a way to securely fasten the trailer to the tow (as well as the stuff to an open trailer).

    and I've seen people here back the trailer against the side of a building so that the back doors of the trailer are almost touching the building, meaning basically you can't move the trailer without moving the tow first. sometimes there'll be a few lined up like that. I'd imagine that's about as secure as you can get, especially if you're in the middle.

    maybe for an open trailer, cover everything with a tarp (what they can't see...) at night, and secure it all to the trailer like everybody else said? I actually did what someone else said and rolled the bike into the room, but I did get flack from the manager after housekeeping saw it (I was there for a few days).
  16. gixserman

    gixserman Well-Known Member

    like some others said, I've gotten a spot along the parking lot and backed the trailer almost on top of it.
    locks from the bike to trailer, trailer to truck

    to disable the truck along with an alarm , they have this deal that hooks to the negative battery cable that allows you to disconnect it by turning a knob. .. there is a bypass 30-amp fuse to keep the alarm running, radio and computer from resetting, but if someone trys to start it the fuse blows.

    nervous nights sleep.
  17. Pants Romano

    Pants Romano Well-Known Member

    I've had a trailer stolen and abandoned.

    I think a tarp would go a long way in hiding your stuff from prying eyes. Also, park out of sight from the street, where cars driving by can't see your stuff. Big cable lock and alarms can deter, but not prevent theft.

    I have an enclosed trailer with padlocks on the doors, the hitch locked to the frame and a lock on the ball.

    Also, I have no stickers on the trailer, so I could be a racer with bikes in the back, or a port-a-john cleaner. But a would be thief would have to break the locks to find out.

  18. jigmoore

    jigmoore Banned

    i've always debated the two:

    1) park back away from everyone....out of sight out of mind. but allows thieves easy access.

    2) park under light in high traffic area....too many witnesses. but attracts alot of attention.

    i have always chosen #1 for quick stops/overnight hotel stays...likelihood of the bad guys stumbling on it that night are too low. also try to get a room in the back off the street and put bike in site of hotel window.

    and #2 for longer term storage. always need a constant eye on stuff to get warning when folks are casing it to plan evil....

    i went the whole season last year with bike and gear in back of pickup truck - no locks or cables. in hotels half the time - at the track the other half. didn't have a problem - but was probably just lucky.
  19. Shenanigans

    Shenanigans in Mr.Rogers neighborhood

    Keep your stuff locked up with beefy,heavy duty chain & locks.If it looks to complicated,the theiving(sp)bastards will pass by & look for something easier.
  20. USracer900

    USracer900 Well-Known Member

    4 years ago, a few buddies took bikes to Myrtle Beach. 00' R1, 95' 900RR and 91' F2 all on an open trailer. Woke up last morning there and 2 outta three were gone. (guess which one they left) The spot where the R1 was had a red X spray painted behind it. The RR had a white X spray painted behind it, nothing marked behind the F2. Needless to say, my dumbass friends didn't use any kind of locks, just had the bikes loaded with tie downs which were all cut. One of the R1's mirrors was laying on the ground, guess they dropped it, and the F2 was laying on it's side, maybe they got spooked and left it. R1 had full coverage, RR was total loss, no comp. ins.

    Moral of story, lock these sons' a bitches up at very least! Especially going to Myrtle beach and Daytona. The cops down there don't give a damn and apparently it's like taking candy from a baby to bike theives.

    Someone should pack about 20 lbs of explosives in a bait bike, wait for it to be stolen and detonate the damn thing while they're driving off. God that would be justice.

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