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  1. peter leduc

    peter leduc

    End of season sell off; more pics upon request.

    White-NF4 Technomagnesio Wheels W/ wet tires $550. Will fit 95+ machines with included spacers. Rotors not included.

    HRC Det. counter W/ 2 spark plugs $500

    2001-2002 CDI New - 30400-NX4-711 (retail $280) $200

    Bickle Tire Warmers $175

    Battle Factory rear stand $75 (retail is $125)

    Total Loss ignition kit $50. (Battery, frame mount & wiring)

    A-Kit airbox. Side entry air box for 2000+ A-Kit bodywork = $175
    (Airtech sells them for $500 and IanE sells his for almost $700)

    Radiator modified for A-Kit side entry airbox. $200

    Leak down test kit $75

    Engine Stand for rebuilding $50

    Deck Height gage $65
    Note; An inch measure indicator will be included, not the Mititoyo shown

    Expansion chamber cleaner $15

    Please PM me for more info and more pics if you include your email address.
  2. peter leduc

    peter leduc

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