RS Taichi inner suits (windblocker and regular one as well)

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  1. shakazulu12

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    Just like the title says. RS Taichi inner suits. One of them is the standard one with the wicking fabric. Lightweight, comfy and cooling. Second one is the windblocker version. I'm from Oregon, so this was mandatory for the cold days. Blocks all the wind from getting through your perforated suit and keeps you warm on cold days. Both are size 44. $35 for the regular one and $90 for the windblocker. Both are laundered. The Windblocker does have a spot on the chest, not really sure what it is or how it got there. But no smell or anything and the fabric isn't compromised at all.


  2. Subaruzi

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    Is the windstopper one Gore?
    How much for pair?

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  3. shakazulu12

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    Just saw this, shot you a PM. It's not Gore-tex, RS Taichi website lists it as polyester. For some reason I remember thinking it was Gore when I bought it, but not on the label or the website as such.

    I live in Oregon where it's some combination of freezing or raining for half the year and it was probably the best investment I made for comfort on the track on those days.
  4. shakazulu12

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    Sold and shipped!

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