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Road A schedule?

Discussion in 'General' started by El Skwid!, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. El Skwid!

    El Skwid! Old guy, old bikes

    Oct Road A?
    Club me over the head if this is a repost, but the deadline for online pre-entry is rapidly approaching.
    Not seeing one on the 'Schedule' page.
    I see in the announcements that Sat is the Endurance race, so what is Sunday? Regular Sportsman schedule, or the combined National/Sporty one?
    V6 & 7 racers want to know.
    Still 2 hours of quiet time?
  2. SmokeSignalRT

    SmokeSignalRT Fat Member

    You cant see it? They must not want you there.

  3. Fuzzy317

    Fuzzy317 a Crash Truck near you

    I don't see it either, does that mean I don't have to go. :confused:

  4. SmokeSignalRT

    SmokeSignalRT Fat Member

    No but I hope I don't need you there :D
  5. Fuzzy317

    Fuzzy317 a Crash Truck near you

    that hurt my feelings :(

    if I had any feelings :crackup:
  6. drybreak

    drybreak Fuelish Boy

    At first I assumed that the Michelin and the Pirelli logos in the Sunday schedule suggested it was National/Sportsman combined, but I don't see the 10/7 date in the yearly Nat'l schedule, so I now assume it's Sportsman only and the Michelin logo got left in there after the Tally schedule was created.

    But I've learned what usually happens when I assume anything.
  7. Fuzzy317

    Fuzzy317 a Crash Truck near you

    its Sportsman and Endurance, so the Michelin may have been left by accident
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2012
  8. LordMDP

    LordMDP ... ... ... ....

    Can you renew your wera license online?
  9. rwood64083

    rwood64083 Gifted as in 'DUHHHH'

  10. motojoe_23

    motojoe_23 The Nephew

    Sure hope it is not a national. That is the series I am running, and I am not taking my sprint bike to Road Atlanta.

    It is just a regional sunday
  11. Fuzzy317

    Fuzzy317 a Crash Truck near you

    Mongo posted a link to a tentative schedule. Something about would not load correctly on web or something :confused:
  12. DaveB

    DaveB Just Riding Around

    On the yearly schedule it is listed at a National Endurance Series but NOT a National Challenge event so it should just be regional sprints.
  13. gpracer15

    gpracer15 Built to Ride

    Schedule was posted until yesterday now its gone...Must be a REVISION....
  14. motojoe_23

    motojoe_23 The Nephew

    I thought I had seen it. But after this thread thought I was mistaken
  15. kman0066

    kman0066 Well-Known Member

    Yeah it was up before. It showed: Friday Practice, Saturday Practice/Endurance, Sunday Regional Sprints. Not a national. Maybe some Vintage stuff in there somewhere...I don't pay much attention to that as neither my bike nor myself are vintage. :D
  16. drybreak

    drybreak Fuelish Boy

    It was up for sure. I have it printed out and sitting on my desk.
  17. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Amazing, been up for weeks, I go to reload a new one (no major changes so the old is still good), have an issue so it's down for maybe 16 hours and people freak out :D
  18. cBJr

    cBJr Well-Known Member

    Just curious, why a 2 hour lunch break on Sunday?
  19. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Local law mandates a quiet time from 10-12.
  20. drybreak

    drybreak Fuelish Boy

    Michelin and Pirelli logos removed from Sunday, and a line for Laps to benefit Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities added for Saturday and Sunday. The one listed for Sunday at 10:30pm ought to be interesting! :D

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