RIP Wilford Brimley

Discussion in 'General' started by auminer, Aug 2, 2020.

  1. auminer

    auminer Renaissance Redneck

    So long and thanks for the diabeetus.
  2. Yzasserina

    Yzasserina sound it out

    RIP. Loved him in The Firm, one of those movies I watch every time it's on. What do you think I am around here, a f***ing night watchman?
  3. pickled egg

    pickled egg Art is subjective

    Gonna eat some Quaker Oats in remembrance.
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  4. FrancisA

    FrancisA Are you scared?

    Who are these people
  5. britx303

    britx303 Struggling stoic.......

    Honestly I thought he passed long ago. I’d say he was quite a diabeetus ass kicker to make it to 85. RIP Mr.Brimley
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  6. Past Glory

    Past Glory Well-Known Member

    That was one of my favorites as well, along with 'Absence of Malice'.
  7. TSWebster

    TSWebster Well-Known Member

    Postmaster General Henry Atkins.
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  8. RRP

    RRP Kinda Superbikey

    This, one of the few times I saw Newman as a secondary character in the scene.
  9. RRP

    RRP Kinda Superbikey

    Edit - forget it. Waste of time.
  10. FrancisA

    FrancisA Are you scared?

  11. FrancisA

    FrancisA Are you scared?

    Got it before the edit

  12. RRP

    RRP Kinda Superbikey

    Yep, you’re super special...
  13. FrancisA

    FrancisA Are you scared?

    thanks babe
  14. motoboy

    motoboy Well-Known Member

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  15. Yzasserina

    Yzasserina sound it out

    Another one I watch every time it's on. It surprisingly stands the test of time, unusual for a horror film. Oh, The Firm is on this afternoon on TMC.
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  16. motoboy

    motoboy Well-Known Member

    Like "Jaws" it was drama based. The effects and gore were just tacked on. (Although "Jaws" was also more dialog driven too)
  17. Potts N Pans

    Potts N Pans Well-Known Member

    My Liberty Medical catheter reorder won't be the same...RIP Mr. Moustache.
  18. SPL170db

    SPL170db Trackday winner

    I'll always remember him for the Quaker oats commercials, the Cocoon movies and diabeetus.
  19. 88/532

    88/532 Simply Antagonistical

    Yep. “you ain’t no presidential appointee Elliot. The one who hired you is me, you got thirty days”.
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  20. brex

    brex Well-Known Member

    I knew him for a handful of years, he lived about a half mile from me as the crow flies until he got too fed up with the growth of the small city into a much larger and busier one, sold off his land and moved to Wyoming. That was about two decades ago now, I guess he ended up getting a house down south a few years after getting his ranch in Wyoming as well.
    He was a genuinely kind, hard-assed man.
    Godspeed, Wilford.
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