Rideshare to all Nationals from Charlotte, NC

Discussion in 'General' started by bodell, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. bodell

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    David "DooDoo" Brown and I will be attending all of the national races, departing from Ranlo, NC.

    I pull a 2010 38' Raptor Toy Hauler with a 2010 Duramax which makes for a comfortable ride and stay even when it is really hot or cold.

    We are looking for someone to occupy the empty third of the camper and put up a third of the expense. The rig gets about 8 to 9 MPG fully loaded and the generator will go for a weekend on 20 gallons even running 3 sets of warmers.

    I can also store your bike at our shop between races if wanted.

    PM if interested.

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  2. r6boater

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    Wanna be the wrench and pit-guy for a 12y/o??? I'll just stay home this year if so...

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