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Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by jksoft, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. jksoft

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    I have a couple of seats that need new skin. I thought it would be a good learning exercise to try and reupholster them myself. The first one I am trying is an SV650 passenger seat; I chose this one to start because it seemed like a simpler shape to practice on.

    The first material I a tried to use is a basic marine vinyl. This doesn't seem like it is going to work as it doesn't stretch much at all. I tried applying heat to it to allow it to stretch and even with low heat it mostly just melts or if you try to stretch it while warm it tears. Maybe it's just cheap material, I don't know, but it looks pretty good under normal conditions. I'm thinking a 4-way stretch marine vinyl might be the way to go, but that is a little more pricey so would prefer to buy something that has been proven for this.

    Anyone else had any luck doing this? What material did you use? Any tricks?
  2. Spang308

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    I used some marine vinyl I bought at a local fabric store. Take your time. It works well and looks great when you're done. It has held up really well also. I used both black and yellow on an old Ducati 748 and the color match was good also. Found remnant pieces. Cost about $7 to do both seats. Use stainless 1/4" staples.
    Good luck.
  3. jksoft

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    Did the vinyl you used have a cloth backing? The stuffing have does and I think it might be making it to stiff. I'm going to check out the fabric store and see what other options they have.
  4. VFR#52

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    May i suggest going to an upholstery shop.
    Thats who you need to ask.
    Ive had a few seats raised up before.
    And if i recover one i cant get a cover for i buy material or have them do it.
    I Let the experts handle it sometimes.

  5. jksoft

    jksoft Well-Known Member

    I may end up there but this was really intended as a learning project. I got it to point where it looks pretty good the original vinyl (new piece, not the melted one) as I have plenty of extra. I still ended up with two visible folds that I'm not thrilled about but they aren't super obvious. Not bad for a first pass. Still going to check out some different fabric . Another option would be seen seams which I was trying to avoid since the original didn't have any, but the original is much thinner and almost looks like some kind of thermo formed material the way it wrapped around the seat.
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