Remember your dogs in this heat

Discussion in 'General' started by ToofPic, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. ToofPic

    ToofPic Member known well

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  2. SmokeSignalRT

    SmokeSignalRT Fat Member

    My dog leads the life of a king. Suckers in the AC more than me.
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  3. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Same here. We would have sold the RV years ago if not for them needing their rolling kennel.
  4. ToofPic

    ToofPic Member known well

    Yep,mine are in a cool 68 degress.I just remembered the pavement being outrageously hot,and what it does to their feet.
    Then I remembered the white lab locked in a f-250 last summer.The guy came back,but I wondered how long the poor guy had been roasting.
    The old folks bother me the most with pets.They think because its a comfortable 99 degrees to them that fluffy likes it while they go to the drs.
  5. Venom51

    Venom51 John Deere Equipment Expert - Not really

    All 4 of mine are within 2 feet of me and within 74 degrees.
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  6. My dog spends less time in the heat than me. F&ck I even put a fan in the garage for her for when she follows me outside. My dogs a bit spoiled but she’s a great dog.
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  7. wrx_02

    wrx_02 Well-Known Member

    I only work so my dog can have a better life.
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  8. Shenanigans

    Shenanigans in Mr.Rogers neighborhood

    When i take mine out in the car, he always has a bowl of water and if i have to go in store real quick, i remote start car and leave him in it with air on and his water. Other than that , he is laying on couch chilling in a cool 72 degree house
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  9. CB186

    CB186 go f@ck yourself

    Yup, 68 and comfy for my pups. We go out to play when I get home, just for less time when it gets hot.
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  10. ryoung57

    ryoung57 Off his meds

    Okay, so OUR dogs are cool, what can we do about those less fortunate?
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  11. Venom51

    Venom51 John Deere Equipment Expert - Not really

    Adopt....rescue...the stuff we already do.
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  12. ToofPic

    ToofPic Member known well

    Check your local laws about out door tethering . In ga they have passed a law against leaving dogs tied up outside,
    I hope it prevents dogs from freezing,or dieing from heat.
    If you see a dog suffering,please report it,and make sure its followed up on.
    Last summer I reported 2 strays,and one that was already ran over.Hall county never responded,and one of the strays got ran over,
    They never removed either body,despite me giving details on where the dogs were located.:mad:
    They have the resources,but acted like I was a bother.
  13. YamahaRick

    YamahaRick Yamaha Two Stroke Czar

  14. Kelbor

    Kelbor Well-Known Member

  15. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    They have options. But having grown up in a house with no AC they're just fine. There are thousands of homeless who choose to live here in Vegas where it's been over a hundred for the last week or more and they're just fine with the heat.

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