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Rea’s “Other” Bike

Discussion in 'General' started by Cannoli, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. neckbrace

    neckbrace Well-Known Member

    Does he take it off any sweet jumps?
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  2. Sweatypants

    Sweatypants I am so smart! S-M-R-T... I mean S-M-A-R-T!

    haha that's not me. he gets paid to ride DH bikes... but you get the idea.

    going to Whistler in 2 weeks! boom. haha


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  3. L8RSK8R

    L8RSK8R Well-Known Member

    My cousin James was sponsored by Vitus (Sommet Pro bike)
    I believe he recently switched to Saracen bikes and just won Irish Enduro Championship.

    Jimmy's 2nd from left.

    Jimmy Mac.jpg
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  4. Newsshooter

    Newsshooter Well-Known Member

    I don't think so, come ride with me, I'll bet you burn more calories in 3 hours riding than you would walking. Easy 3 hour ride the other day, computer says I burned 2500 calories :D
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  5. ducnut

    ducnut Well-Known Member

    I agree.

    Last fall when my health allowed me on my gravel bike, I lost ~20lbs in ~4wks. Before that, I had only been walking the multi-use trail and was only maintaining.
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  6. blue03R6

    blue03R6 Well-Known Member

    use any fitness tracker. it burns like 2 times more in less distance
  7. blue03R6

    blue03R6 Well-Known Member

    I hike and my fitness tracker says I burn 1000 in an hour.
  8. Cannoli

    Cannoli Typical Uccio

    That’s because cycling is a more efficient form of locomotion. Greater distance can be traveled with less energy output. Frankly, I don’t ever see myself walking 100+ miles in a weekend, but I cycle a 100+ miles a weekend with ease and burn 5k+ calories doing it.

    To the point, your statement that walking burns more calories than riding is misleading at best.
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  9. Cannoli

    Cannoli Typical Uccio

    Locomotion efficiency comparison (insects, animals, man, machine)

  10. eggfooyoung

    eggfooyoung You no eat more!

    Get a dirt bike and ride XC, you'll burn 8,000 calories in 7 hours!
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  11. StaccatoFan

    StaccatoFan My 13 year old is faster than your President

    That’s a sick bicycle
  12. blue03R6

    blue03R6 Well-Known Member

    who has time to go on 20 mile bike rides to burn the same amount of calories in a 1hr walk is my point.
    plus my dog loves our walks. pitbulls need a lot of exercise to be happy.
  13. TurboBlew

    TurboBlew Registers Abusers

    walking where? up steep elevations or with your body weight dragging behind on a sled?
  14. TurboBlew

    TurboBlew Registers Abusers

    1 hour a day aint much at all... show me an MX pro not riding some form of a bicycle.
    Could easily go 18-22 miles in that short of a session, warm up and all.
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  15. blue03R6

    blue03R6 Well-Known Member

    you understand what I said right? 1hr walk = 20 mile bike ride. just download yourself a fitness tracker on your phone and put in all your info and see for yourself. I was going on 11 mile rides and it was showing 500 cal burned. lol. fuck that I can walk on a 2 mile hiking path for 40 mins and do that.
  16. pscook

    pscook Well-Known Member

    Riding a bicycle to train for world class competition (Rea) or local bragging rights (me) requires much different training than walking for an hour. It's great that you can burn 1,000 calories an hour taking your dog for a walk, but I doubt that your training goals are similar to mine, let alone a WSBK champ.
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  17. Senna

    Senna Well-Known Member

    One hour a day is about perfect for me. There is a challenging paved trail near my house that follows a local lake. Total route is 20-25 miles or so. Lots of corners and a couple short, punchy climbs.

    Much past about thirty miles and I just don't care anymore.
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  18. DucatiBomber

    DucatiBomber DJ Double A

  19. Sweatypants

    Sweatypants I am so smart! S-M-R-T... I mean S-M-A-R-T!

    Riding a mtb is exponentially harder than riding a road bike as far as workouts and calories are concerned. And east coast riding is like interval training on continuous ups and downs, on a bike that weighs twice what a carbon road bike does with way more tire resistance. Apples and oranges. My carbon road bike was 14.5lbs. And i could easily cruise at 20mph. My 29er is 33lbs. And i bet my average speed on an xc ride is like 8mph.

    There's no way walking even comes close to gassing up hills continuously for 2 hours in the dirt and roots. Cruising a road bike at 10mph? Sure. Gotta distinguish the 2 though.
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  20. Joe Remi

    Joe Remi Well-Known Member

    You keep comparing walks and rides that take a comparable amount of time, then say "fuck biking I can just walk." I like my bikes and would do an hour ride over a boring-ass walk any day cuz fuck walking!
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