RC-51 Fuel, Electrical issues

Discussion in 'Tech' started by LWGP, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. LWGP

    LWGP Well-Known Member

    So, I recently bought this 2001 RC-51 racebike. It ran fine when I bought it, I just took it to it's first track day at NJMP. It was OK for two sessions, and on the third session it died on the 5th corner.

    It cranks, but it does not start. The fuel pump does not whine when you turn the key. It has a Power commander II in it, but I can't even tell if it is hooked up, the PCII looks like it is hooked to itself - there are only two small wires coming off the PCII harness and going to the ECU. I am generally clueless about the fancy electronics on modern motorcycles, and even moreso on a bike like this that has been worked on by somebody else. I also have no time to work on it by myself.

    Does anyone know a good mechanic in the Philly/Bucks County/Trenton NJ area that could diagnose and fix this problem, and hook me up with a nice custom map? Let me know ASAP. Thanks guys.
  2. parapuke

    parapuke Well-Known Member

    If the fuel pump is not working, start with simple things like relays and fuses. Do you have access to the service manual for your bike? If not I'm sure someone on here could get you headed in the right direction. Sorry, I no longer have my RC 51 or service manual.
  3. robfromc

    robfromc nice member

    Check the main fuse, i believe its a 30amp? under the seat..think its green. If the fuel pump doesnt prime thats step one.:beer:
  4. LWGP

    LWGP Well-Known Member

    I do have the service manual, and I tested the FP relay. There is voltage to the relay when the key is turned. The manual says "replace fuel pump".

    So, can anyone point me to a shop nearby that can do this, and maybe sort out the PC II and do a custom map for me? FBF is not too far away, would you recommend them? Any one else? I am in Mercer County, NJ.
  5. LWGP

    LWGP Well-Known Member

    Fixed it. One of the connectors between the relays in the tail section and the rest of the bike was loose or faulty or something. In the process of testing all the relays, then re-connecting the plugs, everything worked.

    So, the Power Commander was not hooked up at all. It was just sitting there, hooked to itself, and grounded to the battery. I pulled it out. I have downloaded the installation instructions from the Dynojet website, looks pretty simple. I am aware, of course, that there is probably a reason why the PC was disconnected, so I am hesitant to re-connect it unless I can test it. Is there any way to test a PC to see if it is OK before installing it into a bike?

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