Race prepped RSV4 APRC

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by xxaarraa, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. xxaarraa

    xxaarraa Well-Known Member

    Bought a 2016 R1 to take the place of my heavyweight/unlimited racer earlier this year, so open to letting go of my RSV4.

    2011 RSV4 R APRC (Originally Glam White).

    This bike has pretty much every high end component imaginable. Console shows 3200 miles, but motor only has 1900 miles. See below.

    Popped the original motor in 2016 and put in a motor from a 2013 RSV4 factory with 1800 miles on motor. Donor motor was inspected and install was done by Seacoast Sport Cycle, along with a full dyno tune after install, and all paperwork is available. If you know Seacoast, you know they do quality work on Italian bikes.

    Aprilia Race ECU
    Ohlins 30mm cartridge kit
    Ohlins TTX MKII rear shock
    Ohlins Steering Dampener
    2011 RSV4 Factory forged Wheels
    Driven 40 tooth 520 aluminum rear sprocket, a few other rear sprockets available for different tracks
    Driver 520 Steel front sprocket
    DID ERV3 520 chain
    Austin Racing GP2 Slip-On
    Woodcraft Rearsets
    Woodcraft clipons
    Austin Racing Carbon Frame Covers
    Austin Racing Carbon Swingarm Covers
    Catalyst Race Bodywork w/Custom Paint
    Titanium Axle Nuts
    Titanium Pinch Bolts (predrilled for safety wire)
    GB Racing Clutch Cover
    GB Racing Stator Cover
    Cox Radiator Guard
    Samco hose clamp kit
    MotoHolders Race Upper Fairing Stay
    Puig Windscreen Dark Tint
    Brembo RCS19 master
    Brembo T-drive rotors
    Fedoro ZRAC pads
    STM quick throttle
    Lighttech chain adjusters
    Sato racing rear hooks
    Fully safety wired for CCS/LRRS rules. It is ready to race.

    I am sure I am forgetting various bits that are on the bike...

    Asking $10,000. Please email me directly at xxaarraa at gmail. Thank you.

    20170730_063337_HDR.jpg 20170902_120042.jpg 20170730_063337_HDR.jpg 20170902_120042.jpg 20171105_133718.jpg IMG_1141.JPG IMG_20140713_063711.jpg
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  2. NemesisR6

    NemesisR6 Gristle McThornbody

    Wow. That thing is gorgeous. GLWS....
  3. TheGrouchyCat

    TheGrouchyCat Don't let my friends know I'm slow

    R3 R1 RSV, damn sweet lineup!
  4. theadamwesson

    theadamwesson Active Member

  5. bkeros

    bkeros Well-Known Member

    WOW!!!!! Holy Shite! Outrageously gorgeous!!! GLWS!
  6. tropicoz

    tropicoz Well-Known Member

    Any interest in a trade for an (awesome) R6 to round out the R collection?
  7. xxaarraa

    xxaarraa Well-Known Member

    Thanks for interest but not looking for trades.
  8. SlimRR

    SlimRR Best Member

    Oh man... my 600 is number 310... I think this a sign!
  9. snikwad

    snikwad Well-Known Member

    Part of out. Part it out. Part it out. :)

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  10. Sonny112

    Sonny112 Well-Known Member

    I'm in for the T-Drives...
  11. xxaarraa

    xxaarraa Well-Known Member

    Sure. $10,000.
  12. Cafe Guzzi

    Cafe Guzzi Member

    I'm saving my pennies! Please please please be available at the end of January! :bow:
  13. Cafe Guzzi

    Cafe Guzzi Member

    Is the new motor stock/sealed?
  14. xxaarraa

    xxaarraa Well-Known Member

    Not sure what you mean by "sealed" but donor motor is a stock Factory motor. My race ECU was reflashed to take advantage of the variable velocity stacks and motor was dyno tuned.
  15. xxaarraa

    xxaarraa Well-Known Member

  16. xxaarraa

    xxaarraa Well-Known Member

    Bike is going to suspension shop along with other bikes in two weeks, and I am more than likely keeping it after that. So if anyone is looking for a great RSV4 that's turnkey, now is the time! Happy new year.
  17. Cafe Guzzi

    Cafe Guzzi Member

    *sigh* life is timing! GLWS or congrats on keeping it!
  18. xxaarraa

    xxaarraa Well-Known Member

  19. xxaarraa

    xxaarraa Well-Known Member

  20. Scubarc51

    Scubarc51 Active Member

    That bike is beautiful! GLWS!

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