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Discussion in 'Tech' started by Thadius, Jun 29, 2016.

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    OK so I picked up a 2009 Kawi zx6r track bike and it should be here any day. And yes, I am pumped. My question(s) are around the Kit ECU that's already on the bike. I am not a tuner but the bike has one so here goes....and sorry so long.....

    1. If I change the headers and/or the mid pipe or muffler am I going to experience a noticeable change in performance? If so how do I go about getting the best for my set up?
    2. It comes with the cable and software so where can I find info on how to use this stuff?
    3. Is this something racers typically tackle themselves and get familiar with it as with most bike items? Or is this something a shop should be directing me on...and thus charging me for? (Obviously trying to avoid this option)
    4. Dynojet QS already installed so is there a reason I would also want to run a PC V or is this overkill?
    5. With the KIT ECU installed what should I expect day one when I turn this thing on? HIgher rev limiter...etc.

    Any input is appreciated.
    Thanks for reading,
  2. Derick

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    Call Jason Farrell
  3. RM Racing

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    1.Yes. Find a dyno tuner
    2. Good luck. Tuners make their money from what they know. They're not publishing the info. Just business.
    3. Guys that are good with kit ECUs are relatively rare. It takes experience, dyno time, and track time. You can get a dyno, learn how to use that, then go to the track a few times and learn there, or you can pay a pro. The pro is way cheaper.
    4. Overkill
    5. You can raise the rev limiter. 500 rpm. Go to the dyno first and see if it's worth it.
  4. kman0066

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    Things the Kawi Race ECUs do in general (may not all be applicable to your model):
    1.) Adjust fuel/timing. This is like your normal tuner (PCV, Bazzaz, etc.) except it allows more fine tuning (per cylinder, accel vs. comp maps).
    2.) Adjust secondary throttle plates. The base map the Kawi race ECUs come with already sets the secondary throttle plates at good settings for racing, but they can be adjusted for throttle response to your liking.
    3.) Rev limiter setting. They usually only allow 500-1000 RPM increase, but if it's warranted, it's easy to adjust in the software. The base map will have the stock limiter.
    4.) Engine braking adjust. Not sure if the old ZX6 kit allows for this or not, but the ZX10 did. You can control the amount of engine braking with settings from 1 to 5, this is completely adjusted to your taste.
    5.) Traction Control. Again, not sure if the old ZX6 kit has it...I don't think so...but I could be wrong.
    6.) Quickshifter settings. Sound like you already have a quickshifter, so no need to concern yourself there, but they can usually be setup to run a quick-shifter straight from the ECU.
    7.) Pit-speed limiter. Allows you to set a speed limiter, activated by 1 of the buttons on the handlebar.
    8.) Launch control. Allows you to set a launch-RPM, but it kind of sucks. I used it on the ZX10R because I sucked at launches, but it is severely lacking in features. It's pretty much just a 1st gear RPM limiter and not launch control.

    The basics of how to use the software should be available with the software (in PDF). It will show you how to install and how to make adjustments. It should also give you the basics of what adjustments will do what. Personally, I would have a professional tuner do the fuel/timing, and then learn to play around with the other settings yourself to get the bike to feel like you want it. That said, the base Kawi race kit ECU map is pretty decent for a stock engine bike with a slip-on. If that's all you have, I would just leave it alone and enjoy. If you get more radical, take it to a tuner. The base race kit map installed on the ECU is pretty much the stock map without any emissions/noise restrictions programmed in.

    Handy References:
  5. skidooboy

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    hopefully you got the kit ecu cable, if not... they aint cheap. Ski
  6. dasein

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    Does anyone know if the 2009 ZX6r Kit ECU supports more than one ignition map?
  7. Suzuka_joe

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    I had a kit ecu, cable and software for my 09 zx6r. After failing to find a suitable tuner i sold it all for like $700 and bought a Ft Ecu flash kit and that worked great and had a local guy tune it for me.

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