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Discussion in 'Tech' started by Grandadbelly, Sep 27, 2019.

  1. Grandadbelly

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    Hi I was recently reading a post from thumper on his conversion to a r6 tacho speedo conversion on his track bike and I am trying to do the same but need his help can I send him a pm or such regards Grandadbelly
  2. Grandadbelly

    Grandadbelly New Member

    I recently posted a thread looking for “thumper”he invited anyone who had trouble hooking up a r6tacho to contact him it seems he is uncontactible so I am looking for help I have a fzr400 3tj with a very low mileage yzf600 r motor in it I have upgraded the speedo tacho to an r6 unit I can’t get the tacho to work I be another fzr400/600 that I have converted using an r6tacho I used a signal divider from a company in the USA but unfortunately they have folded I’ve tried the yzf /r6tacho on this machine it works so I’ve eliminated that from the equation I’ve tried another so called tacho converter but no luck I was looking for thumpers posting as he had stumbled on a conversion that worked an only cost dollars to do if someone knows “thumper”or his conversion I d greatly appreciate any help Regards grandadbelly
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    Wow. Talk about a stream of consciousness post...

    Using sentences might help understanding of the issue. Not being a grammar Nazi, I just can’t follow this post without my brain hurting.
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    Short short short form: YZF600R motor / CDI mated to an R6 tach results in the tach reading wrong due to the number of pulses per revolution differing from what it expects. He's looking for a cheap way to condition the tach feed from the YZF600R CDI to match the R6 tach's desires.
  5. RM Racing

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    Cheap. I’m out. Current generation is K-line. Not going to work
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