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    Quick Shift controllers and Sensors allow clutchless full-throttle up-shifts, saving valuable fractions of a second each and every shift on each and every lap, adding up to real time savings over the course of a race. In association with Shifting ContRoll, TTR Ignition Systems is pleased to offer these items for both the budget racer and the serious competitor. The Shifting ContRoll QS 2.2 controls both fuel and spark with per-gear mapping and built in shift-light control; the TTR r3.0 Quick Shifter controls spark only.

    Shift sensors are available with a variety of connectors to mate with different systems. Note that these sensors are not compatible with strain-gauge systems such as Bazzaz.

    Every race is a matter of fractions of a second, and the very start of the race is the best time to make time. A launch controller prevents over-revving while feathering the clutch at full throttle, ensuring the best launch to start your race at the head of the pack!

    Not all racers use the very latest in equipment, and older models can be upgraded with a later ignition box, often one with a higher red line allowing for more power at the top end. If the donor bike's red line is TOO high, your hard word and effort can come to a bitter end as valves and con rods try to escape the confines of the crankcase; an add-on rev limiter is easy to install, and is cheap insurance compared to the price of a new engine!

    The Rev Limiter / Launch Controller are the same item configured slightly differently; the rev limiter works automatically, while the launch controller acts when a button or other switch is pushed. This item can be set up as a general Speed Switch activating at the set RPM, operating a Shift Light or other indicator or accessory.

    All pricing is in US Dollars. Allow 3-5 weeks for delivery. Basic shipping is $15; an order can have mulitple items for the same cost - until the post office starts charging me more.

    Shifting ContRoll QS 2.2 - $225

    TTR Quick Shift Controller - $75
    Rev Limiter / Launch Controller - $75
    Quick Shift / Rev Limiter Combo - $125
    Dual Rev Limiter / Launch Controller - $125

    Shift Sensor (Push or Pull) - $125
    Shift Sensor (Push-Pull) - $185
    Shift Rod (50mm-170mm) - $10-$30

    Thumb Button for Launch Control - $25
    Shift Light - $25
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    No pics?! For shame...
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    Shift Controller:

    Shift Switches:

    Triumph Plug-in Shift Kit ($150):

    Triumph Reverse (GP) Shift Kit ($250):
    triumph_reverse kit_sm.jpg
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    these are standalone systems??
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    Yes, they are! The QS controllers, rev limiters etc are all stand-alone. If you know the desired rev point, I can preset a rev limiter / launch controller / shift light driver to within 2%. Setting in the field is a little rougher, but I can provide a calibrator for $50 that allows you to read the rev limit setting on a multimeter in mV; if the desired setting is 11,500 rpm, the calibrator will put out a signal of 11,500 mV.

    The sensors are compatible with any 'switch' type controller that you might have (DynoJet / Power Commander, Triumph OEM, etc); they are NOT compatible with strain-gauge systems like Bazzaz. These sensor / switches can be provided with any connector you can identify; I can provide plug-in connectors for PC3/5, DJ QS, Triumph, and a few others.
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    After sitting down and actually designing the calibrator, I've decided it's just as easy to build it into the rev limiter. So. The price remains the same, the accuracy of a field-adjusted limit just jumped to 2%. Hard to beat that!
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