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Discussion in 'Information For New Racers' started by bdoc525, Jan 11, 2022.

  1. bdoc525

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    I am preparing my bikes for my first race with Wera in March and I have a question about the exhaust. Obviously there are noise limits and what not but specifically , what I am worried about is that on my 89 gsxr750 I used a hot bodies MGP growler exhaust can. To me it seems pretty loud, Has anybody seen these at the track or know of any problems with them passing tech for sound? Any help appreciated. ! Thanks
  2. cyclocrossfool

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    youll be racing one of the wera vintage classes? easy way to know if your bike is “noise legal” is find out if ahrma races at the track, if so you should be good. half of those ahrma bikes sound like exhaust less clap traps. nothing you can do to your bike to make it louder then one of those 70’s honda twins. only track ive raced at where noise limits are enforced is canaan nh. the manager there doesnt use a decible meter. he drives uptop the hill and uses his eyes and ears. then at the riders meating informs the honda twin bikes to put a muffler on it
  3. bdoc525

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    Sound good to me!! Lol
  4. Mongo

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    Roebling has someone measure the noise along the front straight.

    No clue on that particular exhaust sorry.
  5. guzziguy

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    laguna also have checks
  6. DmanSlam

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    @bdoc525 , I've used that exhaust. I was told, more than once, that my bike was loud along the front straights at several tracks. Watching a video of me compared to other bikes whizzing by, I agreed. Still, the question of whether it is too loud or not, I cannot answer. The exhaust looks good though!
  7. bdoc525

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    Thanks for the replies. I’m going to look for another slip on and keep around just in case. Thanks again!
  8. ducnut

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  9. vosnick52

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    Doesn't Ahrma race at RRR?
  10. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Yes. They have to meet the noise levels too.
  11. pawpawrc

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    Man I have no idea how. It is brutally loud when AHRMA is there.
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  12. cyclocrossfool

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    what i was trying to point out in post #2.
  13. Mongo

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    No idea, but it is measured.
  14. Robin172

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    AHRMA had been clamping down on noise recently.
  15. Johnny B

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    I thought Decibel Dave only picks on Thumpers. :D

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