Putting Down Your Pet

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by VintageWannabe, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. G 97

    G 97 What's my name

    :crackup: Ok this was pretty good.

    Thou shall possibly try and not kill anyone.
    Thou might want to think about not stealing. :D
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  2. grasshopper

    grasshopper Well-Known Member

    I'm happy and sad right now because I have a 2.5 year old daughter almost potty trained getting out of diapers and a 17 year old shith tzu poodle now in diapers because she keeps pissing in the house. Poor dog. But god damn it I'm tired of buying fucking diapers!

  3. Phl218

    Phl218 Lemme ask my wife

    Diapers suuuuuuck
  4. David B

    David B Member

    I didn't say church. It generally starts getting messed up the moment humans get involved.

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  5. badmoon692008

    badmoon692008 Well-Known Member

    Humans were involved from the outset... whether you believe they made it up or not, they still wrote it down and translated it and then disseminated it to the masses.

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