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  1. dave3593

    dave3593 What I know about opera I learned from Bugs Bunny

    I need practice! But one problem I have is my V6HW TZ250 takes a lot of commitment just to race it one week end so I'm looking for other options. I am closest to Mid Ohio.

    One possibility is get a RD250/350 Yamaha and go to more races because it is easier and cheaper.

    Another possibility is convert my old 500 Husky to a supermoto and ride Kart tracks.

    Another possibility is set up my old 500 Husky for V6LW. It would not be competitive but neither am I.

    Any suggestions on practice?
  2. r6boater

    r6boater Logged out

    Ninja 250
  3. Mongo

    Mongo Sacko

    You should run the TZ in more classes too, it's a perfect F2 machine.
  4. NOLAracer

    NOLAracer Well-Known Member

    You should buy the 125 I have for sale. Then you'll have 1/2 the commitment.:D
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  5. 969

    969 Well-Known Member

    I will trade you 2 honda f2 race bikes with titles for the tz
  6. 969

    969 Well-Known Member

    what year tz You could get all the practice yo need.
  7. 969

    969 Well-Known Member

    I was gonna fix the yo but decided against it

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