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Discussion in 'General' started by Rich Graver, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. Rich Graver

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    Did a search on powder coating but didn't really answer my question. Are there powder coatings that are soft and very suseptable to solvents? Had a frame and swing arm powder coated. Went to install the swing arm bearings and wash some grit out of one of the bores with brake cleaner. Everywhere that the BC touched the coating lost it's shine or just started coming off.
    Chaulked it up to being a dumb ass and fixed it with clear coat. I continued with the build but now I find all kinds of scratches and nicks.
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  2. BC

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    I can't tell you which is which but yes, some are much softer than other. And as with anything, the quality of the application can greatly effect the durability.
  3. Bad Dog

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    I guess it depends, everything I've seen or had powdercoated is tough stuff. Solvent, brake cleaner etc didn't mark it, not even Castrol Supercleans, :wow:
  4. 2Big4Bike

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    There are definately several types of powdercoating with different levels of durability all of which are irrelavent if the complete process isn't done right.

    Factors such as oven temperature, duration, electrical charge, clean dry surface, etc.

    In your case it is very possible that the bore where you had adhesion failure was not dry. Usually the parts are cleaned and then run through a drying oven and then manually dried with an air hose before going through the powdercoat booth then into a curing oven.

    All it takes is some of the cleaning solvent to pool up in the bore and not get dried out by the operator, to cause poor adhesion. If it was hung from a conveyor it could have had oil drip on it and contaminate the powdercoat also.

    You should discuss it with your powdercoater. Tiger Drylac is a powdercoat supplier that should have information about applications, hardness, UV resistance etc.
  5. Gehr

    Gehr whAt mE woRRy?


    Probably not the greatest quality application. However I would keep brake cleaner, carb cleaner & electrical contact cleaner off painted parts period. WD40 should work just fine & won't damage any p-coating or decently regularly painted surface I have worked on. For when you get it re-coated...
  6. ekraft84

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    Yeah I don't know the details Rich, but I've had good powder coating done before and not-so-good powder coating done. The only thing I've come up with is that you get what you pay for.

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