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    That's some cold shit. Not much of a surprise, though.
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    None of that should surprise anyone. If any of you have lived through a loved one's death, you'll know that there is a tremendous amount of clerical nonsense to be done. It can be and is often exhausting. Everyone wants their toys back at the end of the game and we can only move through it. Such is life.

    As far as skynet.... it is almost a certainty that it is here, even in a rudimentary form. Cell phones were around in the late 70s. They were developing the technology to make it available to everyone in the 80s and in the 90s it was just a matter of the packaging. Your phone is smarter than you... just ask siri.
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    So true...and stupid computers make it even more nonsensical. Dad died nearly 10 years ago and I still his mail asking for donations to this group or that. I initially tried to get it canceled but they just won't stop. The only groups that were efficient at recognizing his passing were the ones who paid him his pension...That stopped to the day.
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    What don't you understand about this "Oh so sensitive" environment. The only thing that Paypal screwed up was addressing it to her instead of her estate....
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    Exactly. Should they just ignore the money they’re owed? If she has an estate PayPal has an obligation to shareholders to collect the debt. People die every day, the organization should still try to get paid out of their assets. Bank ain’t going to forgive the fucking mortgage because you died, why should PayPal do any different? It was poorly worded, that’s about it.
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    In other news... Paypal is now in the credit business? :wow:
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    That's about what I got out of the letter. I read it as my own wife's name being on the heading and it didn't change anything other than she owed monies that I now owe.

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