parting out 2015 triumph daytona 675R

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by daro, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. daro

    daro Well-Known Member

    Only owner. exclusively did track days for 2.5 years. blew the head gasket. everything else is good.

    stock street body work including headlight $2000 mint condition NEVER USED
    hot bodies race body-- some damage but still in decent shape $300
    forks @1600
    2 sets of front wheels (oem) both with aftermarket brembo race rotors which are almost new and perfectly straight $375 each
    2 sets of rear wheels one with the cush drive and one without 250 each
    (My spare) brand new OEM clutch $250

    make offer on anything else.

    located in Miami
  2. daro

    daro Well-Known Member

    this is a photo of the bike I took on Saturday. as you can see the race body is in pretty good shape as well as the bike. tank has a small dent and a little rash on the other side but its pretty good. I have a race fairing stay. Forgot the brand. the levers are
    aftermarket. clip-ons are vortex. I have the oem handlebars and pegs that I took off the bike when I bought it. rear shock is stock ohlins. the exhaust is a hindle full exhaust. its pretty new. make offers.


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  3. WERA#190

    WERA#190 Well-Known Member

    Stock front rotors ?
    What kind of battery ?
    Any powercommander etc?
  4. daro

    daro Well-Known Member

    I bent one of the stock rotors so I only have one that I kept as an emergency spare. I have a lithium battery. I have a power commander.
    are you local?
    is it worth shipping the battery?
  5. WERA#190

    WERA#190 Well-Known Member

    Battery lithium what kind ? When was it last used and does it keep charged , how old is it ? $$$
    Powercommander type price?
  6. Harsh

    Harsh Other Peoples Kids

    PM sent
  7. Please PM price for race fairing stay and brand if you can figure it out. Looks like maybe motoholders?
  8. daro

    daro Well-Known Member

    I forgot. I will take a look and let you know.
  9. Robin Lawson

    Robin Lawson Member

    Do you have radiator and instrument cluster
  10. daro

    daro Well-Known Member

    I do. the radiator is relatively new as I put a pin hole leak in the old about a year ago and replaced with a stock unit. same deal with the cluster. but you know that you have to get the key and another piece to make the cluster work on another bike.
  11. daro

    daro Well-Known Member

    which I will sell.
  12. daro

    daro Well-Known Member

    the fairing stay is db holders. no crashes with it and its very good. ask $175
    I have a stock unit which is slightly bent but usable.
  13. Robin Lawson

    Robin Lawson Member

  14. That's the price for a new one from DB holders. I'll PM you an offer.
  15. BKK Jack

    BKK Jack New Member

    Are you selling the shock?
  16. daro

    daro Well-Known Member

    update: motor, radiator, oem spare clutch are gone.

    frame with florida title (not salvage-no liens) ask 1200
    forks (Ohlins oem) price reduced to 1300
    body work 1200 without head light
    headlight 250
    racebody set hotbodies 300
    wheels rear 250
    wheels front 250 no rotors 375 with brembo race rotors
    Brembo race rotors 175
  17. CDubs

    CDubs New Member

    Do you have oem quickshifter?
  18. WERA#190

    WERA#190 Well-Known Member

    Lithium battery ? Powercommander ?
  19. SherpaChef

    SherpaChef New Member

    Tank? How much?
  20. daro

    daro Well-Known Member


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