Parting out 2007 R6 with 2014 Motor (Seattle)

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by Six3SixGal, May 14, 2018.

  1. Six3SixGal

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    R6 race parts:
    All prices do not include shipping. Willing to trade entire bike for Duke 390, Grom, fun commuter bike.

    - Straight frame and CLEAN title $800
    - Forks with Ohlins 25mm kit installed. Sprung for 140lbs - $900 - refreshed in march 2017 by KFG and ridden about 5 times
    -Ohlins TTX Shock sprung for 140lbs - $800
    - Gauge cluster with 25k miles - $50
    - Radiator - $150
    - Vortex Rear sets (black) with plenty of wear, scrapes on pegs, but work just fine - $100
    - Bazzazz kit with quickshifter, map switch, traction control $500
    - Full Leo exhaust with can damage - $400
    - wheels $450 in decent shape (minor scratches). Come with rotors, kusk with vortex sprocket and all spacers
    - Clip ons - make offer
    - Amour bodies bodywork in useable shape, but needs paint. $250 (includes windscreen)
    - Swing arm - straight, but has wear on foot area - $150
    - Subframe - functional, but has been repaired - $75
    - Triples with steering stem etc - $100
    - Front fairing stay (oem) $50
    O- black gas tank with sliders installed and 2014 fuel pump (has a dent that is under sliders) - $150
    - Upper injectors (top of airbox) from a 2017 - $50
    Anything else let me know parting out entire bike.

    - Motor with 3,000 street miles and 2 track days $1350. Comes with all wiring, pre-drilled to pass tech and all case covers required

    I'll let the whole bike go for $4800 as-is... it's set up very well and I hate to pull it apart and ruin it.

    PM for pics
  2. Six3SixGal

    Six3SixGal Official WERA Cat Lady

    Here are some pics. More available upon request.

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  3. Six3SixGal

    Six3SixGal Official WERA Cat Lady

    Tank and Rearsets are pending sale.
  4. Fryday38

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    PM sent.
  5. sk8rat

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    pm sent.
  6. Six3SixGal

    Six3SixGal Official WERA Cat Lady

    Entire bike sold last night, thanks guys!

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