Parting 2013 Graves R6 Ohlins Susp Clean Title Frame Etc

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by roaring toyz, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. roaring toyz

    roaring toyz Well-Known Member

    2013 Frame Clean Title 0 Miles Clean Frame Straight no damage $1350

    Forks Ohlins 30MM Carts Straight Nice $1350

    Ohlins TTX Rear Shock $750

    Ohlins Steering Damper with Graves R6 Mounts $350

    Graves Titanium Carbon Full System Nice $800

    Fairings Red Nice $400

    Gas Tank Red Nice $200

    Yamaha Kit ECU and Harness $700

    Speedo No Miles $250

    Graves Rear Sets right peg different $300

    Power Commander, Secondary Fuel Controller, and Auto Tune $500 all

    DSC_0137.JPG DSC_0139.JPG DSC_0141.JPG DSC_0142.JPG DSC_0143.JPG DSC_0144.JPG DSC_0145.JPG DSC_0147.JPG DSC_0154.JPG DSC_0155.JPG
  2. roaring toyz

    roaring toyz Well-Known Member

    Exhaust and shock SOLD!!
  3. Str8-Lurkin

    Str8-Lurkin Well-Known Member

    Boo been looking for the shock!
  4. roaring toyz

    roaring toyz Well-Known Member

    DSC_0148.JPG DSC_0149.JPG

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  5. Redline87

    Redline87 Active Member

    Do you have the full set of fairings?
  6. roaring toyz

    roaring toyz Well-Known Member

    Yes full set of fairings is available
  7. CarreraGTSCS

    CarreraGTSCS Active Member

    Will the suspension and exhaust fit an 06-07 R6?
  8. CarreraGTSCS

    CarreraGTSCS Active Member

    Didn't see that about the shock and exhaust being sold. What about the forks?
  9. dallen84

    dallen84 Well-Known Member

    Got any chain and sprockets you wanna sell??

    Looking for 15T and 45T 520 set
  10. Moto5150

    Moto5150 Well-Known Member

    Is the tank still available, and do you have more pictures of it?
  11. armadillo

    armadillo Member

    Can I get pics of bodywork and brand.

  12. Marco Aurelio

    Marco Aurelio Active Member

    AVAILABLE Ohlins TTX Rear Shock?
  13. Alex Yampo

    Alex Yampo Well-Known Member

    PM sent
  14. Go fast Mr 420

    Go fast Mr 420 New Member

    Front and rear shocks available
  15. zieper41

    zieper41 Well-Known Member

  16. slow honda

    slow honda Well-Known Member

    Steering damper and mount still available?
  17. what all is left? I would like to buy the entire frame, swing arm, triples, forks, rearsets, clipon's, brakes, and front wheel if you are willing to make a package price.

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