Over tightened and broke oil drain.

Discussion in '2-Stroke Machines' started by Repeater, Jan 5, 2020.

  1. Repeater

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    Hey fellas,

    I have a 73 Titan 500. I over tightened my oil drain bold and well fucked up and broke it.What can be done? The case is not cracked it was a small down pipe type thing. Can I have it welded without warping the case? I plan on rebuilding the crank to get her back on the road, but this is the thing that could hold it back. Worst case I could weld this drain shut and use another bolt in the case to drain the oil.

    Also any thoughts on who to rebuild the crank and port and polish the heads?


  2. parillaguy

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    So the first question you need to ask yourself is: do I really want to spend the time and $ on this bike? It will cost more than you expect so be sure. If so the engine will have to come out and be torn down completely. Before you do anything, find the best shop who will do the full rebuild for you. Trust me on this; you don't want to farm out little parts of the job as the engine rebuild will take forever and you could lose interest. Depending on the damage you have done, any competent shop can get all of the repairs done. A helicoil insert in the existing hole or tapping to a bigger size is the normal fix. As the Suzuki Titan 500 is a two stroke, the drain is for the transmission oil which is not under pressure. A good shop should be able to do the job.
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  4. Repeater

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    Thanks fellas. I'm pretty sure my only issue besides the oil drain is a crank rebuild. Gonna be a winter project eventually.

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