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    Daytona 200 - CCS & ASRA March 2017 Race Report

    this will not be as detailed as my usual reports just because I am completely burned out from driving back and the lack of sleep.
    Pressure of time and money made this round (and season opener) very interesting for me.

    About two weeks ago I bought an SV650 (again) from a good friend and LRRS competitor Kris Hopkins. I missed riding an SV and riding 2 different bikes last year actually hurt my development. So for 2017 I decided to focus my efforts on Vtwin while competing in the ASRA Thunderbike Championship and trying to obtain another entry for the Isle of Man Manx Grand Prix. Kris is a very talented rider and showed that the SV is plenty capable based on his performance at Loudon, therefore the excuse to blame the platform was long gone, and it was all up to me ride the damn thing.
    I havent been feeling great for my riding since my crash at the IOM, since my injuries did not let me finish the season as I wanted to and hurt my physical condition. But this is all in the past. Work has been adding up a lot on my shoulders lately too so this trip was short and with simple goals.

    Left Wednesday night from Worcester, MA with my wife Anna and my good friend and mechanic Panos, and drove straight to Daytona Beach, FL with stops only for gas and bathroom breaks, which lasted less than 10 minutes at a time. Arrived at the speedway to meet with Mark Reynolds, Sergio Di Molfetta and Jim McConville and some other Northeast guys. Daytona was cold (for Daytona standards) and it was funny to see people bundled up like they were going skiing while it was 55 degrees out. Anyways we unloaded, the rest of our stuff, set up the garage, had some dinner and went to bed early.

    Friday was a simple day. Goal was to make sure the bike is safe and sound, everything is working and that I still remember how to ride. Daytona is a fairly easy track to learn/remember so not much effort had to be put there. Went out the first two session on moderate pace. Everything worked great, bike performed flawless and brake is still on the right and clutch on the left! The 2nd session I focused on hitting my marks on the track and worked on traibraking. Previous owner of the SV is a bit heavier than me so getting used to the stiffer suspension took some time. Unfortunately during all that I didnt get a chance to draft anyone on the course which actually came as a reminder as I was going out on 3rd call for my only race that day.

    Race #2 Light Weight SuperSport
    I was gridded dead last in the 5th row. When I saw the grids it was something like 20+ entries but a lot less actually showed up on the pregrid.
    Anyways, being in no man's land and next to my friend and very talented competitor Sam Wiest (OG ASRA #60) I got a decent start, Sam and I caught up to the front rows immediately as we entered Turn 1 Sam decided to go on the inside of everybody and I decided to go on the outside of everybody. Sam clearly did the right move as he made several spots, while someone stood up his bike as I was tipping in, forcing to go wide and back of a bit. Frustrated I lost many spots, I rode the next two laps badly, missing my markers and overcooking turns. By lap 3 I was able to relax, kept telling myself out loud to have fun and enjoy Daytona. I did just that and start picking up a few spots. I made my way up to i think 6th places and battled there a bit. On the last lap exiting the chicane I was able to get a good drive and catch up to some racers, yet with several yards left I hit the rev limiter and fell behind. Strong wake up call that I didnt practice with proper gearing to factor in drafting. Rookie mistake which cost me. I was under the impression that I got 6ht (at least thats what I saw at the posted results on Friday night) but the CCS website results have me in 7th. Oh well doesnt really matter. I came in the pits more frustrated that happy for my mistake and riding though. After I cooled off I forced myself to just have fun, enjoy the day and the experience, go back to the basics and take daytona for what it is! After all I was in the sunshine racing motorcycles instead of working in the cold New England. Panos did some work on the bike, we changed the gearing, and Gino, Scott Mullin and Bill Tanz gave me some words of wisdom and advice that worked great.
    Rest of the day was meeting with old friends, meeting new friends that we only knew each other online, and relaxed.

    Saturday was my day off from the track. I was a tourist with the wife and my friend, and enjoyed watching the 200 while we visited some friends in West Florida.

    Woke up in a great mood. At this point I wanted to ride, enjoy myself and get some points for the ASRA Thunderbike championship. Skipped first practice due to cold and to save the tires. Budget didnt allow to put new tires on, so I was riding with whatever Kris left the bike with lol. Went out for 2nd practice just to make sure everything works again and that nobody changed the track overnight. All good.

    Race #3 Ultralight SuperBike
    I was gridded last again (I did sign up last so that was a given). Not sure how many entered the race but it seemed like a decent field. Nothing very memorable for me on this race. I got an ok start, had a lot of fun and passed several people. I smiled during the entire race, even on the very last straight away when #73 Dan Pelletier drafted me and passed me and left me with nothing to chase him back in a classic Daytona way. I finished 7th (again) but the biggest goal was accomplished, Sub 2:10s and lots of fun. I was racing for fun again, with no stress and no pressure :)

    I obviously didnt have high hopes on this race in Daytona but I needed the points and I was looking forward to battling a bit with Sam Wiest.
    Gridded in the 3rd row all the way to the right this time, near Sam Wiest and Sergio Di Molfetta. Got a very good start and went into T1 with the leaders. Sam went by me in the 2nd horseshow and Sergio followed by on the banking. Doug Fogg and his Buell 1200 went by Sam and I on the next long straight. Sam and I closed up and he went by Doug on the first horseshoe, I followed up on the 2nd horseshoe trying to stay near Sam's draft in order to keep the Buell behind me. Next lap on the banking Sam ran out of gas right in front of me. I got a bit confused, and looked for a red flag, but there wasnt any. Put my head down and tried to chase Doug and his Buell as hard as I could. I would get next to him on every turn on the brakes and he would goooo as soon as he got on the throttle. This continued all the way to the last lap (#7). On the last horseshoe I decided to make an agressive move and go on the outside of the Buell, it didnt work very well. I tried one more time in the chicane where i had passed Doug 3 times already in the race but I could make it stick. All this pushing and changing my line trying to catch Doug, made me miss that Gerald Young #878 had gotten on my tail. He drafted me and passed a decent distance before the line and pushed me another spot down (why Geralnd, why? lol). I ended up finishing 9th on this but I finished :)
    Exhausted yet very satisfied I packed with the rest of the crew and got on the long way back home. We hit traffic in every single state on the way up and it took us almost 23 hours. Finally home, unpacked, did some work and getting some rest, I decided to type and share this report now. So this is the first race report of 2017, hopefully way more to come, with better results, more exciting stories and good times!

    I would like to thank my beautiful wife Anna for putting up with all this, my good friend and mechanic Panos for always being there and helping in several ways. Scott Mulling and Souhegan Valley Motorsports for the great support. Bill Tanz! Gino and his parents who took the trip north to visit us! all my great sponsors: Alexander Academy, Steve's Automotive, Alessandro's, Nexx Helmets, Chain Wheel Moto, Woodcraft & Penguin, Ace Cafe, Computrack Boston, Spears Racing, Vesrah Brakes.

    Huge shoutout to all the corner workers and med staff who really were tested this weekend. You guys rock! Of course everyone involved from ASRA & CCS, once again phenomenal work. you guys sure know how to run events and get things done, BRAVO! All the competitors and participants! Special thank you James East for letting me borrow a sprocket hub which allowed me to compete on Sunday! that is the racing family!!

    and absolutely all of you friends/fans/family, for following this journey and the adventurous i get myself into. This was the most fun I have had on a motorcycle in a very long time and I plan on never forgetting that again!

    lots of love to all of you,
    Sav #60

    P.S. this ended up being longer than I thought LOL (thats not what she said)
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    Worcester Boys



    Olympus Racing

    Some clowns with no shirts
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    Brought my grandson to watch you guys. you guys rock! Thanks for the show.
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    Great report! Solid showing too. Glad that you had a great weekend.

    So, the SV is going. What's next?
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    Congrats Savva. Greetings from Greece :D
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    It has to go for the next to happen. If it doesn't go that's what I'm racing this year.
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    Glad to help get you back on track, great meeting ya
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