Ocasio-Cortez and HQ2...showing how dumb she is every day

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by D-Zum, Nov 14, 2018.

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    Socialism = "Someone else worked hard and made money and we want it".
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    Talk about going after the low-hanging fruit.
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    I mean, she lined up the pins.....some one might as well knock them down.

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    Love how she has been reading that famous economist Milton Keynes.
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    Speaking of that dumb ass, anyone hear Carlson's review on her latest bill, the New Way Forward Act?

    It's absolutely sickening how some of these clowns don't care about the potential damage their shitty ideas can cause.

    Right now, NYC & State is in a f'ing mess with a major crime wave, since their BS bail reform went into effect, all kinds of shitty people are getting arrested and released, on the same day in some cases. All crimes have went up over 60% this yr alone. Mayor DeBuffoon FINALLY acknowledged that the bail reform might need some more work, likely because his newest PC spoke up and blamed the crime spike on the bail reform. Apparently, it's a hot button topic now and they're all shitting bricks that this is going to negatively effect a lot of politicians up for reelection this year. It's a mess nearly at the level of the Dinkins days....way to go DeBlasio! This AH thought he was President material?!?!? LOL!

    Take a few minutes to watch this to get a better understanding of what that stupid bitch wants for this country> https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/tuc...under-bill-aoc-and-other-house-democrats-back
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    There were two witnesses against MS-13 gang members recently murdered in NY. Some speculate it's because of the new rules for pre-trial discovery that went into effect. The lawyers for the MS-13 guys swear they didn't release the names but a lot of coincidence. The new rules in addition to automatic no-bail release are basically the defense can see everything to include names of key witnesses and even visit the crime scenes. There is much in the reforms that seem to defy common sense.
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    Before that one, an illegal guyanese 22yo kid was released after slashing his old man, they ignored the ICE detainer, anyone following this BS knows there's a huge battle going on between NY & ICE. That POS kid raped and strangled a 92yo lady not even a month later.....all because NY wants to play games with ICE. Great job Dems!
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    NYC and Albany rule all of NYS, which is sad as the entire rest of the state is mostly red (sound familiar...) and the shit Cuomo and his cronies are pushing is absolutely ludicrous. As if the bail reform debacle isn't bad enough, now their "New Way Forward" plan. The state is in an uproar and hopefully the pushback will be significant at the box....I doubt it though.....
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    NWF has 44 co-sponsors. There's no reasoning with people who are that far off their rockers.
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    Do you have a list? Those people absolutely need primaried. That bill is horrendous.
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    I just saw this today.....HOLY MF'ING shyt! This woman is so stupid she doesn't understand the concept of what a metaphor. Only in America can someone go from being a waitress to a Congress woman. Amazing!

    "C'mon people think for a minute, when was the last time you saw cats and dogs falling from the sky?! It's physical impossibility for it to be raining cats and dogs. What kind of a fool do you take me for?!"

    This can't be real.....we have to be living in Clown World.
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    Does she really want an answer?
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    She clowned everyone.

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