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Discussion in '2-Stroke Machines' started by SpeedyE, Jan 30, 2020.

  1. SpeedyE

    SpeedyE Experimental prototype, never meant for production

    Hi guys,
    Got a buddies Beautiful 1991 NSR250 Gull Arm (SE?) in my shop/garage, to make him a replacement (lost) exhaust hanger.
    Bike is super small, super light.....as I removed the tail/bodywork I realized the entire sub-frame is made of HEAVY steel. :confused::eek::confused:

    Would it behoove me to blueprint it while I have access to it, and knock out a half dozen custom aluminum sub-frames to sell (product), or will I wind up wasting 2-3 weeks of my time/life and die with these things?

    Thank you for any advice, from the 2-stroke guys :flag:
  2. SpeedWerks Racing

    SpeedWerks Racing Well-Known Member

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  3. SpeedyE

    SpeedyE Experimental prototype, never meant for production

    Thank you for the link.....I had no idea someone else was already making them....and their price is low/good.
    I now search for a new widget idea, haha

    Thanks brother
  4. d_alexand

    d_alexand Well-Known Member

    Do you have a machine shop? Can you tig weld and bend aluminum? If so, I can send you a few random items for you to make and keep 2-strokes alive.

    *I wouldn't recommend mass producing anything unless you arranged a group buy on one of the forums.
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  5. nsr250man

    nsr250man Well-Known Member

    I am a Tyga dealer and can get you a subframe for less than retail (usually 8 - 10%) shipped direct to you. PM me if interested.
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