NPS Built CBR600RR Superbike Motor

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by Focker, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Focker

    Focker Well-Known Member

    Motor that came with the bike. Motor needs a refresh, but lots of high dollar parts.

    Looking for $1,500 complete, or offers on individual parts. According to the builder and previous owner, following parts are in the motor:

    • HRC inlet springs
    • WEB cams
    • Ported and polished head
    • Carillo rods
    • High compression pistons (I beleive JE makes them for NPS)
    • lightened crank
    • balanced rotating assembly
    • shortened velocity stacks
    • epoxy filled valve cover (no need for black off plates)
    • stock clutch

    I'm not sure if there has been anything done to the cases or not. NPS charged $6,500 6 years ago for all of the above. I don't know how many miles are on the motor, but judging by the dyno run, it is tired and needs a refresh.

    I don't really want to split the cases if someone is going to take this thing whole.
  2. zfrilly

    zfrilly Active Member

    What year is the engine?
  3. Focker

    Focker Well-Known Member

    Sorry - 2007 up cbr600rr.
  4. pero796

    pero796 New Member

    no slipper for $1500.00?
    Where are you located?
    Im in Van BC Canada

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