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  1. Mongo

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    As do I, so I keep trying. But April in WI isn't something I can remotely justify to the boss :D
  2. Mongo

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    I totally understand.
  3. maslov

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    Touché... Considering Mid-O cancels track days in April due to weather, WI would still probably be covered in snow then...

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  4. Lizard 1

    Lizard 1 Well-Known Member

    Jim stated she wanted to do a vote, but Jim said you'll never get a general consensus. I think he is right. If you asked people, some will be realistic and know that a round at Atlanta would be cool, but being cool doesn't make it make sense. We are the NC. Adding a race for the sake of adding a race is fine, but to make your region drive 10+ hurs for a "regional" is crazy. VIR is bad enough. So, month of August, drive to VA. Month of Sept, drive to GA. Month of October, drive to AL.

    As for the guy saying the GNF isn't the same, it isn't. But a lot of us may have added it as a result of not doing a final round up here. Also, some of us are leading national and regional. Those three rounds are all nationals. So, if chasing national points, it is fine. But regional should be as described. NC is now including VA, GA? That's a big freakin region.

    With the tracks we described, there is a lot of opportunity. I say we drop it. I think a poll should be made for only NC racers to respond and have them take a vote. Or, I say we as NC racers ban together and not attend to save the points. Either way, it becomes a money issue. Do we strap ourselves going to Atlanta for points or do we all come together and the top 5 in each class stay home?
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  5. Lizard 1

    Lizard 1 Well-Known Member

    Are the
    guys that are being asked racing for points or not in the hunt? I would ask every top three racer in each class and see the results. It's a great idea and does sound cool. But the reality is that when she asked me, I said it's cool she wanted to do that but the expense was there and personally, I think ending the season as scheduled is the fairest.
  6. maslov

    maslov Well-Known Member

    I’d say that is a good point. Those people who attend most of the NC races should be the one deciding... that way people like me who don’t particularly do every NC round don’t sway the vote.

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  7. Lizard 1

    Lizard 1 Well-Known Member

    As for NCM, what does someone like the guys that have been there say? I know some MotoAmerica guys have been there, Junge has been there several times, etc. Are we having them help determine the issues? Same with Putnam... Carr has been running laps after laps and his times are showing that he is capable of being one of the fastest guys there. Have we used him to help facilitate any thoughts of returning?

    Road America - STT is a friend of the org, right? Can we not see about a partnership? Can we do a two date deal with Pitt? Work with Mid-O now that Junge is the head of motorcycle stuff there and work on a date there in partnership with them?

    Gingerman. When was the last time we raced there? Again, STT is a big org that goes there and we could partner with them.

    I would rather do single days than to travel to Atlanta. The cost to drive 10 hours one way and back outweighs anything. The total for the weekend will be the biggest expense at the end of a season. That's tough. Again, trying to make this reasonable for racers and thinking about the costs is seemingly not being weighed. If a guy that races maybe two rounds and lives in KY is asked about RA, sure... He can afford it. He probably thinks it is a great or cool idea. But ask a guy that has raced the season, just got done with Mid-O, has to drive to VA for VIR and ask him to add up the total he will spend getting down and back and the fact that he will have food, fuel, practice, entries, etc and decide if that is better than calling it as it is shown on the schedule?

    I am asking because I think we need to dig deeper into this.
  8. RRP

    RRP Kinda Superbikey

    First time I went to Road America when it was opening round for CCS in April, got out of the trailer Saturday morning and it was snowing...hard. And they had some kind of flame thrower melting ice off T1.

    It was 31 degrees. :D
  9. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    She never wanted to do a vote - I think his response was to someone else suggesting that.

    Not sure what you're talking about with opportunity and the "tracks we described" sorry, that one confused me. I agree it's a money issue, it's racing and that's always a big consideration.

    We truly don't care one way or another (emotionally speaking). We as always just want to do what our customers are asking for if it's possible..
  10. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Yes, I as always get input from people I know and trust. They say it's not viable. I trust that.

    They have their own bills to pay and giving up a day of their event at an expensive venue is not always the best way to do so. We have talked to them and the track and will continue to do so. Mid-Ohio is tough, we cannot afford to cancel there due to rain. It's way too big a gamble to take for us for a stand alone event. Cannot afford PIRC for more than one day, they will not rent weekends on the short tracks.

    Doesn't matter when. Every time we try it, we lose money. I think we made some the first year but after that the racers stopped coming. Even when the region was relatively strong. The only conclusion is the riders do not like that track. I do not understand why but I have to accept that fact.

    We do?
  11. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    I weed out the people not in the region when looking at stuff like this. It's also why nothing was 100% until Evelyne talked to riders in registration over this weekend at Mid-Ohio - kind of in the center of the NC region.
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  12. Lizard 1

    Lizard 1 Well-Known Member

    She told me directly at registration that she was going to do a vote at Rider's Meeting. Jim told me direct that she wanted to and to not get upset at her because he convinced her not to.

    To the point you stated that you weed people out, why not poll the guys that are the top 3-5 in points in class and see what they want to do? I am not sure I understand a random at registration poll that will not get the best results.

    Asking the top 3-5 in class will net a much more exact and precise response. Do a poll here. Have the people answering state their PPIC to validate where they stand. That way we get a proper list and a proper group to ask. Not being a dick to the bottom group of riders, but there are guys that money may prevent them from winning a championship and that's honestly not fair. Plus, you are adding a race that isn't regional and thus, doesn't make sense.
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  13. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Ah okay, I missed that or I would have told her no to begin with. Votes are useless.

    Not sure how polling those currently leading points versus those who want chances to get more points and possibly lead the points would get me a more viable answer than just asking everyone...

    I'm not going to try and force everyone to vote publicly and list their points for others to bitch about what they say and ridicule them or their riding or any of the other bullshit. So nope.
  14. cav115

    cav115 Well-Known Member

    But it was never "as scheduled", they have said for three months ( after nelson cancelled) they were looking to add a round.

    It`s no surprise .
  15. Patrick O’Connor

    Patrick O’Connor New Member

    There was never 4 races at grattan
  16. Patrick O’Connor

    Patrick O’Connor New Member

    Adding another round would really mess up logistics for a lot of racers especially going all the way down south. North central is exactly that, north central. We are already doing a round in Virginia which is nowhere close to north central. If you want to add another round keep it geographically to north central.
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  17. cav115

    cav115 Well-Known Member

    Two double header weekends.

    Four race days.
    2x2 = 4.

    As opposed to a single race day at pirc.

    See the difference?
    Each race day is a race so yes.
  18. cav115

    cav115 Well-Known Member

    It's already been discussed.

    There's lots of people who do want to go.

    The tracks in this area are either too expensive or very poor race tracks.

    there are a lot of people grateful that we're being given an opportunity to race at some good race tracks.
  19. cav115

    cav115 Well-Known Member

    North Central has been to both vir and Road Atlanta many times in the past.

    I am sure glad for that.
  20. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Well, if it helps any, I didn't put the NC in the Cycle Jam this year...

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