Nolde Boys Racing Tally #1 2017

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    The weekend wend very smoothly as far as season openers went. The boys all practiced including Trey on his KLX 110. We did our normal all night drive and arrived Friday for Trackapalooza, thank you John L for hosting. Kevin B. took some sessions on the EX 250 ridden by Garrett Parker last year and did pretty well running 15s. He said he had more to go but was being respectful to the Parker bike and didn't want to risk dropping it. Zach practiced on the 1994 RS 85/125 but decided to race against KB on his 65 so they could fairly battle. We were waiting on a cylinder to get back from plating and had to use old faithful (Kevin's blue KX 65) so they could both race. The racing was out of sight, KB and Zach passed each other for the overall lead dozens of times either side by side or committed to the draft. The Grom race was a battle of Kayla, Damian and Blake draft passing each other as well. The smaller displacement classes are looking thick in numbers and had battles going on everywhere. Hoping to have the GP chassis bikes and a ninja 250 ready for the Tally National next month. We tent camped and had a blast not getting rained on much, we love Tally in the late winter you never know how the weather is going to be and it really added to the excitement. Highside photos and RedSpade Racing got some sweet shots of the event, they have sites and its free to browse. See you at the National.
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