Ninja 300

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  1. SPATT

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    Ninja 300

    Was bought for the wife to do track days. Keith Buras and I did one round of Ultra Light Endurance on it at PIRC this past year.

    Spears Motor
    520 and 415 chains and some gearing
    Full Leo Vince Exhaust
    Bitubo Fork Carts
    Ohlins Rear Shock
    Braided front brake lines
    Fully Saftey Wired
    Bazzaz with Quickshifter and Launch control enabled :D

    Only reason for selling is to get a 400 for testing. Has a ding in the tank from a rear stand hitting it in the trailer, when it fell off the wall.

    Located in Cincinnati. $2900

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  2. MoeFaux

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    Hmmm. . .
  3. 90kacoupe

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    Trade for a ZRX1100 street bike? haha I have to try...
  4. No Brakes

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    Cheater bike
  5. SPATT

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