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New leathers?

Discussion in 'General' started by Gino230, Oct 13, 2015.

  1. Gino230

    Gino230 Well-Known Member

    I have heard so many nightmares about the custom suits, I'm kind of scared to go that way.

    My last 3 suits were off the rack and fit great, 2 Dianese and 1 Arlen Ness.

    I'm thinking off the rack Dianese Laguna Seca, send it somewhere for name/ sponsor patches?

    Since Spiderworks closed, any suggestions for logos / names?

  2. Dave K

    Dave K DaveK über alles!

    What kind of nightmare(s) about custom?
  3. shakazulu12

    shakazulu12 Well-Known Member

    He's probably talking about all the Pakistani outfits all over FB and forums.
  4. Ducti89

    Ducti89 Ticketing Melka’s dirtbike.....

    I think it's more the custom guys say 6-8 weeks for delivery and it turns out being much longer. Kept me from doing a custom recently. If you're not AMA fast you're just an annoyance (perceived in complaint threads) as I gathered.
  5. ekraft84

    ekraft84 Registered User

    I'd get with Amanda at Speedsport Leathers. She's been great to deal with and her work is on par with what Alexa used to do. I sent my suit to Amanda last winter. She redyed it, replaced a handful of patches and did some minor alterations. Price was similar to Alexa as I recall as well. Maybe even a touch cheaper. MotoLiberty sends their suits to her for alterations, FWIW.


    Also FWIW, Taichi has both US and Japanese sized leathers - they get as close to custom sizing as I've seen with an off-the-rack suit.
  6. Steeltoe

    Steeltoe What's my move?

    Syed Leathers in Orlando will do all of that.
  7. Gino230

    Gino230 Well-Known Member


    I was talking about all of the pakistani outfits. Crush took deposits all over town then disappeared. I believe there was a thread around here about a similar outfit.

    Ballistic seems to be pretty popular around the CCS FL paddock, quite a few people have them so apparently they deliver.

    I have no idea the quality of these suits (i.e. crashworthiness) I know the Dianese are solid. That's why I'm considering an off the rack Dianese and get my patches done on my own.
  8. roy826ex

    roy826ex Been around here a while

    Amanda at Speedsport leathers went through my RStaichi suit after my crash back in April. The suit was basically brand new when I tested it at tally. She found a few stiches and scuffs here and there that needed touching up and she added my name on the back. Her quality of work was very good. She was very easy to work with and pricing was very reasonable. Turn around time was quick for me since I only live 8 hours from her.

    Her specialty is RStaichi and Kushitani leathers.
  9. PMooney Jr.

    PMooney Jr. Chasing the Old Man

    ^ Yup

    You live in Florida, no brainer.
  10. ekraft84

    ekraft84 Registered User

    We should stop promoting her, otherwise the time wait will get longer as she gets busier!
  11. roy826ex

    roy826ex Been around here a while


    My back up plan to that is just ride up there and back which is not a bad ride being she lives in one of the best two wheel riding areas of Arlansas. :D
  12. 418

    418 Expert #59

    Barnacle Bill is the only guy that touches my shit.
  13. gothicbeast

    gothicbeast Back by court order

    Nothing crashes like a Barnacle Bill suit. It's the best club racing suit out their.
  14. Hyperdyne

    Hyperdyne Indy United SBK

    "Can get new piece of cow hide too cover your whole blown out ass for around $75."

    She gets my vote.
  15. flyboy

    flyboy Well-Known Member

    Check out Taichi. They have lots of sizes and the quality is top notch. Pricey but you get what you pay for.
  16. dickie doo

    dickie doo Well-Known Member

    Pilots custom suits are great, and they are pretty easy to deal with.
  17. omatter34

    omatter34 Well-Known Member

    This. They were easy and turn around times ended up being a little better than originally quoted. Have not tested mine, as I just got it this year, but know others who have with good results.
  18. dickie doo

    dickie doo Well-Known Member

    Tested mine 2x at Barber this year at the AMA round... It's a beast. :)
  19. Linker48X

    Linker48X Well-Known Member

    I have used Z for 20 years, and I just talked to Adolf, Z is still going strong. Just went up the road in my latest (1 yr) set, and not even a mark on me. Although Barnacle Bill did get them to fix and recolor. Two thumbs up for Z, and Bill.
  20. MELK-MAN

    MELK-MAN The Dude abides...


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