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Discussion in 'General' started by 1slowguy, Feb 12, 2003.

  1. 1slowguy

    1slowguy Well-Known Member

    I was trying to get some of that Performance Flooring that was in RRW a While back, but they are OUT!! and wont have any in for about a month or so, Does anyone have any idea who else sells that type of flooring?? I cant find it anywhere. I need it to be very similar to the Performance Flooring stuff. Thanks,
  2. ekraft84

    ekraft84 Registered User

    How much is it for that type of flooring?
  3. JBall

    JBall REALLY senior member

    I've seen the same type of stuff at Home Depot, multiple colors. Don't know if its interchangable.
  4. #249

    #249 Well-Known Member

    You can try....

    Home Depot. They sell a package of tough foam 2'x2' interlocking tiles. I use them in my pits and they are cheap $10/set of 10. and they're easy to setup. I also use them in my workshop floor at home. It keeps you off the concrete and gravel. I just build a big u-shape layout and put the bke in the stands in the middle of the U.
  5. RacerGirl117

    RacerGirl117 Well-Known Member

    We use the Home Depot stuff too (although I really think we should get some colored ones ;) ). It's great. We highly recommend it. Especially if you go to VIR. Those rock pits are a bitch on the knees.
  6. 1slowguy

    1slowguy Well-Known Member

    The stuff was around 2$ a sq, foot. Well actually more like a sq foot and a half. The tiles were 16x16" tiles. I checked out home depot and saw the tiles you guys/gals :D are talking about, but they were made out of soft foam. The guy there said he wouldnt use them outside much because they wouldnt hold up to any weather (sun/rain) With it being foam, Doesnt the bike and stands just keep smashing it down to nothing?? I was looking to find something very durable and not something I will have to replace often. Thanks,
  7. RacerGirl117

    RacerGirl117 Well-Known Member

    We put the bikes on it (an FZR400 and a GSXR1100) and they do put imprints in the foam while you're using it, but they go away. We don't use them in the wet just because they're messy (we found out the hard way at Summit), but they hold up fine. We used them at 8 or so races last year and will use them again this year. I have not noticed any deterioration in them that warrants them being unusable.

    For the price and quality and for what we use them for, you can't beat it. It's not so expensive that you'll cry when you have to throw one out.
  8. mtk

    mtk All-Pro Bike Crasher

    TJ Maxx had some foam tile squares that were 2x2' and interlocking, just like the fancy stuff. It was for a kid's play area. They were really cheap too. The only down side is that they were all different colors, in shades that would appeal to four year-olds. :) But it might be worth a look.
  9. Racer X

    Racer X Well-Known Member

    If you go back to HD, you will find 3x3 rubber mats that have small holes in them for drainage. These are similar to the mats used in restaurant kitchens. I believe one 3x3 costs 17 - 18 bucks

    imo - great for the pit area, and they offer good support for your feet. They are heavy duty, but do not weigh too much to move around. They also wsh off easy.

    Far cheaper then the exact same ones I have seen in the grainger cat.
  10. RobeyRacer

    RobeyRacer Well-Known Member

    Try here -
  11. HFD1Motorsports

    HFD1Motorsports BIKE TUNA

    We have some, well alot of the flooring you looked at Bill Brown hooked us up with a 10x20 section Is the bomb it is tough as hell and the color stays good. Goes down fast dirt does not stick to it. Well worth the investment if you plan on racing for a few years.
  12. YTAK177

    YTAK177 Active Member

    yea..I'll second that . Bill hooked us up also. We used it all last year and bought some more this year. Its not cheap, but it works and looks great. You can Find Bills # on the NFMP web site. Look under vintage racing.
  13. Don_728

    Don_728 The dog made me do it!

    I was in Sams club yesterday and found the same type 2x2 matt that you get at HD, but they were ~$8 for 4, with a flat trim edge.

    Jess was right on about the mess these solid foam tiles turn into in the rain. If water gets on them it stays on them, and you just wind up tracking it all over the place.

    They are great for the pits though. Knees don't hurt, you can run around in your socks while you suit up and at places like VIR where you pit on rocks its a definate must.

  14. JakAHearts

    JakAHearts Rickshaw Racing

    Im sorry... you pit on rocks??!! Like, loose gravel rocks???

    at VIR? I thought that was a world class track....
  15. Don_728

    Don_728 The dog made me do it!

    Not like a pile of gravel, more like hard packed dirt / grass / rocks.
    There is a pit grid for easy access to the track and in between the rows you have the dirt / grass /rocks.

    Look at the North Paddock area in this link for the layout.

  16. Bruce Brown

    Bruce Brown Well-Known Member

    I believe Holiday canopies carries the interlocking plastic flooring and they advertise on the BBS from time to time.

    You'll have to call because they don't have it listed on their website.
  17. brianjohnson

    brianjohnson Well-Known Member

    Racergirl117: "Those rock pits are a bitch on the knees"

    he he he he
    :eek: :eek:

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