NBC Coverage of MotoGp and World Superbike

Discussion in 'General' started by grasshopper, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. t11ravis

    t11ravis huge carbon footprint

    I’m watching WSBK on NBC right now.

    This must be what the end of prohibition felt like.
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  2. Motofun352

    Motofun352 Well-Known Member

    NBCSN sux. No race 1, no superpole....WTF?
  3. Shenanigans

    Shenanigans in Mr.Rogers neighborhood

    Yeah that sucked. WTF
  4. Big T

    Big T Well-Known Member

    They did pre race, showed the race in full, then podium

    It was much better than I expected

    It shows as race 2.

    IDK when race 1 was on
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  5. YamahaRick

    YamahaRick Yamaha Two Stroke Czar

    It was free. You got your money's worth.

    It was produced well, and had zero commercials during the race.

    And it was free.
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  6. kenessex

    kenessex unregistered user

    Except it wasn't free since it is part of a package that I pay somebody for, in this case 2 somebodies since it is on my cable and on Fubo that I also pay for. The coverage sucks so bad compared to last year on Bein. I watched Superpole for all classes, 3 WSBK races, 600 SS, 300 SS and STK1000, all on FUBO with free DVR and they saved the races as part of their package. I watch other stuff on Fubo so I will keep it but now I need to add WSBK and MotoGP apps to watch what I was getting last year as part of the package. That just sucks and shows how little Dorna cares about their US audience.

    I really hate to agree with Roy, but I may just do without this year and spend my time and money on something else.
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  7. ducrcr

    ducrcr reasonably fast old guy

    Yeah, the race 2 coverage was good, but if they're not going to show race 1 and the superpole race they could've at least had a decent recap of them, which they definitely did not. That aspect of the show was really disappointing!
  8. SPL170db

    SPL170db Trackday winner

    I don't think it ever was, nor the SP race....at least not on NBC.
  9. Motofun352

    Motofun352 Well-Known Member

    No race 1 or superpole, just a very brief recap. And I pay extra on my Dish to get the sports package which includes NBCSuxNuts.
  10. eppy01f4i

    eppy01f4i Well-Known Member

    An easier way to do it if you have a Roku or smart TV is download the cast extension for google chrome and hit the cast button.
    Your PC screen is casted directly to your TV. :D
  11. SuddenBraking

    SuddenBraking Well-Known Member

    You could’ve replaced “first” with “second” or “super pole” and they all would’ve been correct.

    Guys, it’s $80 fucking dollars for the season to get the video pass. Split it with a friend or two and it’s the equivalent of a few beers :rolleyes:
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  12. CRA_Fizzer

    CRA_Fizzer Honking at putter!

    Good grief. Some of you would find something wrong with getting a hummer from a supermodel.

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  13. cav115

    cav115 Well-Known Member

    The MGP and WSBK and MOTOAMERICA scripts are great!
  14. Senna

    Senna Well-Known Member

    I cut the cord a long time ago and went to Netflix and Amazon Prime. I would cancel Prime if it wasn’t tied to their larger service.

    I cannot stand regular television now. I have zero patience for commercials anymore after being cable-free for nearly a decade. I pretty much just watch racing from Spring to Fall, and will catch up on some Netflix programming in the winter.

    I know every year I will spend about $300 in race subscriptions, but it’s way better than paying for a bunch of shit I don’t want to watch with commercials.
  15. Raceless man

    Raceless man Well-Known Member

    Is it possible to get MotoGP pass subscription and cast it to my Xbox from my phone ? Is that a thing ?
  16. Senna

    Senna Well-Known Member

    No app I believe for Xbox, but you can just use the internet explorer app and watch it that way.
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  17. condon66

    condon66 Member well known

  18. condon66

    condon66 Member well known

  19. eggfooyoung

    eggfooyoung You no eat more!

    @Johnny B

    Prick reposted...
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  20. Badger911GT3

    Badger911GT3 Well-Known Member

    How well does that work? I've been looking for a way to watch Motogp subscription on my TV's that don't have a Roku.

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