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Discussion in 'Race Reports' started by Caper, Jun 26, 2006.

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    Well if that's the case, why did you wait to comment and delete the photos AFTER Vicki commented ? It's like Caper said, the pics are useless with the watermark, and it's not like he's going to print these off for personal enjoyment. Plus, he already emailed the photographer to purchase the prints ! The whole point was to show racers all over what he accomplished, isn't that what the race section, and overall, this entire site is all about ??? Seems like it's another one bad apple of the bunch ruins it for everyone kind of deal to me. IMO, I think it was a bad call to take the pictures down...

    Question : Would it be ok to post the link and his own photo #'s so people can view them ?
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    Then he should wait to post them until after he purchased and received the ones with no watermark. And yes, he should have posted the link and the photo numbers.
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    There's no difference from him posting those pics to others posting copywrited material from magazines, etc. They too get deleted.
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    Surely your aren't calling Vicki the 'bad apple"? She is simply passing along some useful information, you would be wise to heed it.
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    Because I don't come in here that often. I have to go through most threads and read every post (well, I'm supposed to). That takes a lot of time and this forum (and vintage) only get looked at once in a while.

    Yeah man, link away. I'm all for building traffic to someone's website. I also want you, as a racer, to get as much exposeur as you possibly can. Hell, post the link and I'll bet I'll be over checking them out.
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    Me too! I love looking at other photog's work.
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    motorcycle racers sure are dumb sometimes. :beer: :D
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    Didn't mean it that way, forgot the :D :up:
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