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    ... AND Fundraiser!

    So my better half wanted me to join in on her annual mission trip to South Africa. Our Church is partnering with Build the Future Foundation ( ) which aims to take kids off the street and enroll them in preschools. On this trip we'll be converting donated shipping containers into schools in Ndwedwe. I'm pretty excited to join in and spread some love to those kids, as well as, hone my skills in building out these containers...

    There are costs associated with the trip... and they've encouraged us to reach out to our community for fundraising efforts. Racing/ Track day community is probably the only community I have! With that said, I decided to post up my off season work out program that was developed for me by a local fitness facility specializing in athlete development ( ), in exchange for a donation towards this trip. No donation is too small or too large!

    With that said... feel free to make a donation here:
    Check out Build the Future and donate to them directly!

    Whether you donate or not, check out the work out routines attached in this post and get your ass in shape for racing season! Last year this really helped me with my strength and endurance on the bike and I will highly recommend this to anyone looking to improve their fitness on and off the track. If you have any questions on the work outs feel free to ask here or DM me.

    Thanks in advance to all of you who check this out!

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    Forgot to mention... I know tax reform is making charitable giving a bit harder, but these donations are tax deductible.

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    Done. Have fun over there buddy.
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    Thanks Buddy!

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