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    My first ever race report for what I hope is a full successful season. First off I want to thank the ones that make this doable for me. My girlfriend Sandy has been my biggest supporter in this dream of mine. At times she has a lot more faith in my abilities than I do and she pushes me to think positive. In my mind this weekend was going to be about damage control. Just get as many points as possible. I'd never turned a wheel at Tally until this weekend. Dave was also a huge help with making sure I didn't forget things like tire pressure, fuel etc. Between him and Sandy it left time for me to try to relax in between practice sessions and races. Would've been super hard without them!

    As for on track I decided since I'd never been here I'd do the Disalvo Ride University on Friday to get some help getting up to speed. Jason was a big help even though I wasn't able to master the things went over I was able to improve and now have a base to work on next time. Saturday my first race was C-SS in 7th and was able to quickly make my way to 3rd but with a couple laps to go I started getting really fatigued and decided backing it down a little would be best rather than chance going down. Problem is I backed it down over a second and that left the door open for Kris Orberg to take over 3rd. After that I stepped the pace back up a bit but it wasn't enough to ever really get a run on him so I had to settle for 4th.

    Next was B-SS and right off I was struggling with fatigue and my lap times suffered but I started 2nd and was able to hold it until Drew Everett passed me on the last lap and I'd have to settle for 3rd which was still super awesome being this would be my 4th race ever and at a track I'd never been to and my first Podium. It was truly a bitter sweet day!

    Although I was really happy with my results, the loss of Pete Xenakis was heavy on my mind!

    Sunday started out good in practice but as the day went on the rain moved in and I was struggling to make a tire choice! I went back and forth with that until my first race was almost up. Thanks to Sandy, Dave and Drew I was able to make the swap in time and make it to the grid.

    First was C-SS again and this would be my first rain race and only the 2nd time I'd ever rode more than a couple laps in the rain. I started 4th, got a really good start and was able to fall into 2nd by turn one. I was feeling really good considering it was raining but other than stepping out slightly out if 2 and 3 I didn't have any issues until the red flag came out around lap 5. I wasn't at all happy I was going to have to try to get that start again. On the restart I was right and I didn't get a great start and this time Caleb Odom checked out on me right from the start but hey a 2nd in the rain? I'll take it!

    Last for the day was B-SS and by now it's raining pretty good! I get to the grid and there's only 3 other bikes out there so they had us waiting to see who else would show. Only one more did so there was only 5 of us. I'd start 2nd on the grid this time, got a great start, moved into 1st by turn 1 and never felt any pressure. 3 or so laps in Michael Raymel had a pretty nasty get off coming out of 4 and the race was red flagged. They decided since it was getting so late and there was extensive cleanup to be done they'd call the race. Not at all the way I wanted my first win but I guess a win is a win.

    This weekend was full of firsts for me. First time at Tally, first time I've raced in the rain, my first Podium, first race on my birthday and the first time a family member has ever came out to see me at the track. Nick Smith thank you for that and it was so awesome to share my first ever win with you!

    Again.... Thank you Sandy Riley for standing by me in this crazy dream of mine and all that you do at and away from the track!
    Thank you Dave Hamilton and Andrew Allen for always helping anyway you can!

    I'm sure I forgot something or someone, made spelling errors but it's my first report so they'll get better.

    Thanks to everyone else that has helped me get here even if only in a very small way.... Brian Ray, John Hvizdak, Craig 'Huey' Stewart, James Bock, Brian Livengood, Ed Sullivan, Robert Waggoner, Lynne Waggoner, Jonathan Landwer, Chris Kruzel
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