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Discussion in 'General' started by Trainwreck, Jun 9, 2020.

  1. Mike Lafayette

    Mike Lafayette Well-Known Member

    That is where I want to be price wise too, please let me know what you find.
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  2. r6fast

    r6fast Well-Known Member

    Just remember if anyone is buying used and going carbon you won't have a warranty on the frame. Manufacturers only warranty them for the original owners.
    Hard lesson I learned a few years ago.
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  3. TurboBlew

    TurboBlew Registers Abusers

    its not that big of a deal with Frame Doctor...

    Most OEM warranties dont cover crashes.
  4. r6fast

    r6fast Well-Known Member

    The frame had a crack not from a crash. Trek offered me a frame at discount since it was a defect, they just wouldn't warranty it. but it was still $2500.

    I had the frame repaired from Calfee Design which cost $1100 dollars.

    I ordered a new Fuel EX9.8 in Sept of 2020, they are saying 12/27/21 for it now.
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  5. PMooney Jr.

    PMooney Jr. Chasing the Old Man

    Joey is about 10 minutes from me, excellent carbon guy and extremely helpful.
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  6. thrak410

    thrak410 My member is well known

    so, trek screwed you and you bought another one? Why when there are so many options?
  7. r6fast

    r6fast Well-Known Member

    They didn't screw me, they had that policy in writing I just didn't know it. None of the manufactures cover the second owner.

    Their are other options, I like the Trek more then any other bike at that price point.
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  8. thrak410

    thrak410 My member is well known

    I guess… I was third owner of a fuel 80 about 8 years ago, and got the rear triangle replaced for free from them.
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  9. r6fast

    r6fast Well-Known Member

    Warranties were different back then. They almost always Warrantied everything frame related
    Now with carbon after the first owner forget about it.
    My rear wheel hub went and sram Warrantied the whole wheel for me though. ‍♂️
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  10. Jed

    Jed mellifluous

    I know in the road bike world there are crash replacement policies. Break a frame and pay $400.00 for a replacement for example. MTB might be different.
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  11. Once a Wanker..

    Once a Wanker.. Always a Wanker!

    Interesting conversation on here, occurring between your post /quote.
    I'm about to pull the trigger on a Top Fuel 8 NX tomorrow. It's a bike I'll never ride to it's full potential, in my lifetime. I will also likely keep it the rest of my life.

    I have ridden and still own 4 Trek bikes, including my wife's, dating back to 1989. I've been happy with them all. Just rode my 2010 Madone yesterday.
    I'm buying it from a small long-time family owned shop that gives me that 'doing the right thing' feeling. A bit of a drive for us, but Bike Town USA in Gainesville Ga. is an 'old school' bike shop.
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  12. brex

    brex Well-Known Member

    The correct answer depends. All manufacturers have slightly different warranty policies, but Trek does now warranty all frames to subsequent owners, just as other manufacturers do.
    They just don't all do it the same. Trek's is lifetime for OG, or three years from purchase date for subsequent owners.
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  13. Once a Wanker..

    Once a Wanker.. Always a Wanker!

    Carbon Top Fuel 9.7 is $500 more, for 2.23 lb less than the T.F. 8 NX Aluminum; all 2021 bikes. The 2022 carbon Fuel EX 9.7 is almost the same as the 8 NX.

    Most importantly, they have the 8 NX available, and in the color I like. I believe I'm just about to pull the trigger on this one. 30 lbs is light enough for me.
  14. I’ve got a new set of Float 40 forks (I’ll get the shock for whatever frame I get). Now just need to buy a frame that someone has in stock.
  15. Greenhound386

    Greenhound386 Well-Known Member

    I've been trying to get a new bike since November. Finally delivering to me later this week.

    Banshee Spitfire V3. 27.5" wheels. GX AXS wireless shifting. Hayes Dominion A4 brakes. Fox Factory Float 36.

    Photo is from the dealer that built it in Colorado and is shipping to me in California. Looking forward to it! My current bike is from 2013 and has seen better days.

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  16. ekraft84

    ekraft84 Registered User

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  17. worthless

    worthless Well-Known Member

    This turned out to be a completely used up pile. Put my name on the next Trek Fuel EX-5 that comes in. I was back and forth between this and a Santa Cruz Chameleon. SC is a hard tail with better components, but it’s a hardtail. From what I read, it’s one of the better entry level dual suspension bikes that’s easily upgradable to better components if/when needed. Due in December. If something else pops up, I’ll grab it. But it looks like so much of the used stuff that I’m finding under $2k is well used.
  18. Pants Romano

    Pants Romano Well-Known Member

    I would recommend getting the carbon frame. While it's "only" two pounds (which is significant), I've found there is a big difference in ride feel between carbon and alloy.

    I had an alloy gravel bike and switched to a carbon. The carbon is a lot less jittery and lot less vibration in the bars. I feel the same for the MTB,s but suspension smooths out both frame types.

    Finally, the one thing you are stuck with when you buy a bike is the frame. Everything else on your bike will either wear out, break or can be upgraded. The frame, for better or worse, is forever.

    Personal experience - I bought an alloy hardtail frame to build a bike out of extra parts. I love the bike, but at least once during every ride, I kick myself for not buying a carbon frame. :)
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  19. dont621

    dont621 Well-Known Member

    Pants Romano...check your PM
  20. Once a Wanker..

    Once a Wanker.. Always a Wanker!

    Several of my larger, more experienced biking friends advised me to avoid C. F, for one. I am not a small guy, hoping to shed some pounds by riding more.

    That, plus I pushed my budget hard to buy the Trek Top Fuel 8 NX, with several of the 'necessary' accessories yesterday, for just over $4k.

    The best part is that I COULD take it home yesterday!

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