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Discussion in 'Other' started by Clive, Sep 6, 2019.

  1. Clive

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    2001 Dodge cargo van (1500) custom built into race/camper van

    Started life in the Air Force, I picked it up after an auction sale. Just crossed 100,000 miles, which I can say were 99% highway miles going to track days and races on the Western US. Very clean! As most everyone can tell you that has bought my bikes, I keep everything tip top! The following modifications were made to build it into a custom racing van that doubles as a camper van.

    - Custom paint job from Miracle Paint in Walnut Creek
    - Custom side window
    - Insulated walls with custom carpeted walls
    - Mounted fire extinguisher
    - Custom wheels with brand new tires
    - Air Bags installed on rear axle for when you really want to load up the van or if you want to use a moto-tote on the trailer hitch receiver
    - Trailer hitch receiver
    - Murphy Bed with expensive comfortable mattress
    - Electric roof vent
    - Air conditioning front and rear (when the van is running)
    - 3rd seat between front seats that folds down, it's removed right now but can be installed in 30 minutes
    - Custom cabinet for gear and supplies
    - Baxley sport chock mount that allows bike to stay mounted with minimal tension on tie-downs
    - Bicycle mount
    - Nice sound system for blasting AC/DC for post track-day/race-day tunes
    - Safe mounted in rear
    - Fresh oil change and air filter replaced
    - Clean title
    - Fitted car cover
    - Remote alarm that notifies you if someone is breaking into the van

    Van is located near Sacramento, California. I can assist with delivery within reason.

    - Clive

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  2. r6boater

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    What engine? Glws!
  3. jcivince

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  4. JTRC51

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    $5;and free candy for a year?
  5. wsmc 589

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  6. Clive

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    Sorry guys, totally forgot to list price... $7,000.

    It has the V8 318 engine. It seems to get 14mpg no matter what kind of driving you do.
  7. Clive

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    The free candy comes with the van... I have about a 1,000 jokes from my girlfriend about this van, "the non-consensual sex van" and the "speed adoption van" are my favorites. I then ask her if sexual predators who own vans are accused of owning a motorcycle van...
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  8. Filippo

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    Can you fit 2 bikes inside?
  9. Clive

    Clive Member

    Yes, but with the murphy bed, it's tighter than most vans. The only difference is that I would put one in facing forward and the other facing backward. If you didn't care about the bed, you can pull it out and fit two bikes a little easier.
  10. Filippo

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    The bed is what makes it more interesting
    Thank you
  11. Clive

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    For sure. The mattress is an expense gel mattress too, so it's well padded. I keep the bed in and just do front to back loading when I put in two bikes.
  12. Filippo

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    But if you remove the mattress, the Murphy bed closes better?
    Do you mean front of the bike towards the back of the truck?
  13. Clive

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    The mattress is thin. It is on the bed that is shown in the picture folded up. I put the bike on the right side facing forward and the bike on the left facing towards the back of the van. The murphy bed might close a little tighter without the mattress, in which case you can roll it up. It's heavy though as it is a gel mattress.
  14. Clive

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