MotoGP | 2021 | Round 16 | Misano | Italy | Oct 22-24

Discussion in 'General' started by BigBird, Oct 18, 2021.

  1. cBJr

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  2. Yzasserina

    Yzasserina sound it out

    Joe broke his collarbone in FP2. Ducati took a risk with the hard tire. The track temperature dropped more than they anticipated. They both went down in T15 I think, one of three left hand turns.
  3. All the kids out there should watch the GP parc ferme post race interview. Top 3 guys all thanking their teams for the work and not giving up, MM saying thanks to the team, great ride by PB but it’s Fabio’s day. Just really seemed to stand out for me today.
    Fabio did what he needed to do and congrats to him, once again Papa saw this coming long before many did. Only issue is that he’s French :) So much going on with this round, Honda 1/2, champion crowned then Rossi…. It’s a giant glass cage of emotion. It’s time and a bit beyond for Rossi but he will continue to help feed talent into the sport which is awesome. Haven’t watched Moto 2 or 3 so wont be looking at previous pages for a bit.
  4. Yzasserina

    Yzasserina sound it out

    Fabio on right now, very honest, touching, hilarious.
  5. prm

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    What a race, so many stories. Wonder if Honda has found something.
  6. rd49

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    Looks like Crutchlow sucks at fantasy also.
  7. HPPT

    HPPT !!!

    I had Pecco and Miller in gold. Went from hero on Saturday to zero real fast. Barely edged ol' Cal. :D
  8. motoracer1100

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    Moto GP Race is being shown on NBC right now for you guys that don’t have a Moto GP Pass .
  9. Dave Wolfe

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    Top 10 for Rossi bitchezzzz!!

    Grazie Vale!
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  10. socalrider

    socalrider pathetic and rude

    That was one hell of a ride for Fabio from 15th. Congrats to him. Gutted for Pecco, he was so smooth and flawless the whole race until that turn.

    Looks like Marc is back...
  11. redtailracing

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    Class act from Pecco.
  12. 88/532

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    A foolish risk imo. Three left hand turns only, cooler temps and they put hard fronts on… big, big gamble. Pecco increasing his pace towards the end probably didn’t do left side grip any favors either. Great ride by him regardless of poor tire choice. He’s going to be a force in 2022.
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  13. COOP 1

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    + 2
  14. auminer

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    Which he threw into the crowd.

    As the announcers said, someone's just won the lottery.

    I wonder what that would auction for...?
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  15. TSAVO5150

    TSAVO5150 ASMA #70

    Actually re-watch it. He threw a helmet with a completely different graphic into the crowd. I had to rewind it to make sure I wasn't seeing things. Still on hell of a souvenir though!
  16. BHP41

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    No. He threw the one he rode the race in. They gave him another helmet to ride back to the pits.
  17. TSAVO5150

    TSAVO5150 ASMA #70

    Went back and watched again, you are indeed correct sir.
  18. lopitt85

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    Yep. Talk about a hell of a souvenir!
  19. 2fingers

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    When he threw his helmet into his supporters section there was no mad scramble. Someone caught it cleanly, with what looked like no opposition. I've seen bigger scrambles for a t-shirt from a hotdog gun. I wonder if there was an agreement in place with his fan club to return it back to him for a "reward". I was surprised Rossi threw away his last helmet worn in an italian race, he saves everything.
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  20. 88/532

    88/532 Simply Antagonistical

    There’s a helmet wrangler that will take care of those photo op props. $$$$$

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