Moto2 vs Yamaha R6

Discussion in 'General' started by toybm, Apr 4, 2018.

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    For you R6 lovers and racers all.

    Race 1 -
    Race 2 -
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    Yup CEV has two classes running together.
  3. We had a discussion about this in the thread when I was asking about legality of a Moto2 bike.

    Comparing WSS bikes to Moto2 bikes, same tracks and conditions, the WSS bikes are a little faster (about 1-1.5sec).

    But there are a other things to consider...

    1. That’s based on the allowed state of the Moto2 bikes. From what I gather, the Moto2 bikes are around 128-130hp. If someone goes full SB rules with the Moto2 motor, it could swing things back towards the Moto2 bikes.

    2. WSS bikes are on stock wheels and DOTs. Put forged lightweight wheels and Slicks on the WSS bikes and it could swing things back towards the WSS bikes.

    At the end of the day, they are close enough that it all comes down to the rider.

    An exception would be if someone adapted a Livengood Stage III 2mil R6 Superbike motor to a Moto2 bike. Put a 150hp R6 motor in the Moto2 chassis with the lightweight wheels, crazy front end, and Slicks, and that would be a damn weapon.
  4. rafa

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    I guess it goes to show how good the chassis on sport bikes is off the showroom floor.
    I Moto2 is race only with much more adjustability and arguably better riders and it is just as fast.
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    At the world level, different spec tires.
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    Alistair Seeley ran a moto2 bike in BSB last season in supersport. This season they fully intergrated the class. Supersport is going the way of the dodo. Moto2 is growing.

    (Chaotic, the dodo is an extinct species of bird.)
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    Did I hear that right? The Yamaha gets out motored by the Moto 2 bikes with CBR engines ?

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