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    All of the gear and stands listed are from ~2008. Everything was used from 2008-2011. I did maybe 10 trackdays total with all of this gear and its been stored since then. Everything is in good shape, the leathers were crashed once (went off track and crashed in the dirt/grass...).

    Been riding dirt bikes the last few years and don't envision getting back on the track in the near future so selling the gear I'm not using.

    Located in Zeeland, MI (near Holland / Grand Rapids). Will ship to lower 48 states, willing to meet if you're in GR area.

    $35 (shipped), Alpinestars Bionic Back Protector, Waist Size M
    $110 (shipped), Alpinestars SMX R Boots, Size EU 45
    $100 (shipped), Alpinestars GP Tech Gloves, Size L
    $250 (+shipping), Alpinestars Vector Leather Race Suit, Size USA 42 / EU 52
    $75 for the pair (+shipping), Vortex Front and Rear Stands

    $40 (shipped) Thor XP Kneepads, Size L - (these were purchased in 2015 (dirtbiking), worn once).

    If you'd like more details or pics of anything just let me know. Thanks.

    back pro.jpg boots1.jpg glove back.jpg glove palm.jpg leather back.jpg leather front.jpg stands.jpg thor.jpg
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    Interested in the stands. Do u have more lift pins for the front stand to go with it? Thanks
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    I do not have any additional pins. I can check the pin that's in it tonight and let you know what it is.
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    That'd b great, thanks again
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    Ok, I am not familiar with Vortex sizing but there is a #2 stamped on the tip of the pin. (I assume the pin is their standard size?) Diameter of the top of the pin is just shy of 5/8". The length of the smaller diameter portion is ~ 1 1/8" (pic). I assume these measurements (or simply the #2) are what your after?

    FS detail.jpg
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