Michelin and Sportbike Tire Service has a smokin' deal!

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  1. Happy Thursday!!! Just another poke to bring awareness to everyone that this smokin' deal ends in a few days! The new Power Cup 2 and Slick 2 Michelin motorcycle race tire has been a huge hit so far in 2020 and the prices are also awesome as well. A set of Michelin Power Cup 2 tires with a 120/190 is $381 and a set of Michelin Power Slick 2 tires with a 120/200 is $399, and remember you also will get an additional $50 debit card from Michelin with each set purchase, up to 3 sets. STS also offers the new Michelin GP track day tire, which also qualifies for the $50 debit card from Michelin. For the month of March, STS will give you an additional discount on each set of tires if you buy 3 sets this month. Call STS at 734-210-8859. Thanks!!!
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  2. track wagon

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    Do you have a 200 in the DOT tire ? Or 190 only? Wouldnt mind trying a set.
  3. Thanks for the question....Yes Sportbike tire Service has a 200 Michelin Power Cup 2 DOT....it is $1 more..lol. Call me tomorrow to order a set or 2..they are unbelievable this year!!!! Dave at 734-210-8859..thanks a lot!
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    Hey Dave, how much is the total shipped to 91977. If this helps you can send me a txt 6192599698 thnx
  5. leeanthony6

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    Sorry looking for power slicks 2
  6. Good morning....$419 including shipping and you will get a $50 debit card from Michelin. Call me if you would like to place an order. Thanks

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