Lot of 2 Clear ARAI Visors ( SAL type ), Like New.

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  1. 95speed

    95speed aka Felix el gato

    Lot of 2 clear visors.....Got these with a bunch of other stuff in a trade from a friend....and actually ( sold a few Shark R visors..) I cannot ID the brand on these !...Made in Japan...Please check the 2nd photo, close up of the side hook up....Anybody who recognize the brand and type of helmet is welcome to post !
    Visor #1 : Mint condition, loose, out of original packaging, 0 miles.
    Visor #2: Near Mint condition, might have been fitted on an helmet, out of original packaging, 0 miles. DSC_1219.JPG DSC_1221.JPG

    Asking $ 28 for the pair + shipping ( I'm in SoCal 90046 )...
  2. 95speed

    95speed aka Felix el gato

    Big thanks to Yama-S.. who gave me the ID infos !!

    ARAI Visors:

    As the slots appear to be squared at the ends, should fit the older Corsair, Quantum 2 and other models.
    That visor was called the SAL type.


    SAL Visor - Fits the Astro J/R, Chaser, Condor, Corsair, Quantum E/F NR-5, Rapide 2/3, Route-GT, RV, RX-7 XX, RX7 RRIV, Viper GT, Axces

    It will NOT fit the newer Corsair V ( vee not 5 ) or the newest Corsair X not 10)

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