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    Is the standard chronological format still preferred or is functional considered ok? This would be for someone without the usual gaps or making a big career change.

    Which of you fine overseer/hiring persons would be willing to offer a gentle beeb-esque critique for me?


    And shit.
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    Just post it up. :D
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  3. Phl218

    Phl218 Lemme ask my wife

    Shoot me an email. Not a pro, but I am reading a couple every year ...
  4. GRH

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    Just got done looking through 18 resumes for an open position. Chronological is good for the criteria you listed. Keeps me from digging with more questions that the applicant may or may not like/be prepared for.
  5. rogers1323

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    Agreed. Not an expert at all, but have been looking at resumes constantly for 18 months trying to grow my team. Chronological is the easiest for me to follow and have an understanding of the progression at a glance.
  6. TLR67

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    Just got mine done....2 Pager... Criticism welcomed... been looking for 2 Months now and have only gotten 3 good interviews..

    Thinking of going back in Sales....

    Marc Perrone

    Cumming, GA | 404.414.3307 | marcperrone67@yahoo.com | LinkedIn URL

    Project Manager │ Business Development

    Focused on Quality Standards, Streamlining Operations, & Customer Advocacy

    Ambitious project manager and business development analyst with 20+ years' experience supporting sales processes in tech space. Track record of enhancing automation systems, locating/resolving pain points, and developing detailed work plans as they relate to measurable milestones. Effectively monitor and analyze risk, oversee resource plans & budgets, and implement innovative sales processes that align with company objectives and goals. Collaborative leader who uses emerging technologies and digital media to develop thoughtful business process changes that influence leadership and stakeholders. Deep-seated ability to effectively manage and prioritize tasks ensure the capacity for working on multiple projects concurrently in fast-paced and deadline driven environments.


    Project Management & Execution | Internet & Digital Marketing Tools | Data Analysis & Validation

    Channel Planning | Change Management | Research & Competitor Analysis | Metrics & Goal Attainment

    Revenue Forecasting & Reporting | Interpersonal Communications | Engaging Presentations

    TECHNICAL PROFICIENCIES: Windows, MS Office, Seibel, Oracle, Remedy, WebEx, SharePoint, HALO,

    EFMS, SOTS, AISE, Inventory Management Tool, GRETA, PICS, iOS, SAP, Simplified Learning,

    and other Proprietary Software / Custom Databases


    ➢ Successfully completed $12M worth of projects over the last 5 years.
    ➢ Coached and mentored teams of up to 9 agents by empowering them to share perceptions, insights, and new ideas that cultivated an environment of creative problem solving, future-facing action planning, and open communication.
    ➢ Talented communicator focused on driving positive change and building sustainable relationships with project teams, clients and industry influencers, while simultaneously managing multiple (between 5 & 9) projects.
    ➢ Collaborative leader who utilizes digital media, emerging technologies, along with cultural trends to exceed performance targets and stimulate long-term business growth.





    ▪ Evaluate the wants and needs of customers, cultural shifts and behaviors, consumer values, and technical advancementsto design deliverables schedules and plans, including descriptions, milestones, targets and goals that align with client’s long- and short-term goals capturing strong revenue returns.
    ▪ Acted as the single point of contact for customers and their liaison with sales, provisioning, and senior management.
    ▪ Hold weekly brainstorming sessions and calls to review and update, as needed, the project milestones.
    ▪ Research, report, and present cultural insights and strategic plans that influence final campaign strategies.
    ▪ Coach and mentor project teams with effective training, development, performance evaluations, problem interventions, and goal setting techniques that promotes high productivity, low turnover, and strong team morale.
    ▪ Manage client expectations, deliver presentations, and prioritize ROI for each project with cost-effective budgeting,data mining, content editing, resource allocations, and scheduling of deliverables.
    ▪ Professionally respond to client escalations surrounding expedited orders, outages, and billing by actively listening to the issue. Once resolution is reached, followed up with customer to ensure absolute satisfaction.


    ▪ Partnered with C-Suite decision makers to prepare communications plans, differentiation techniques, cultural strategy implementations, design methodologies, and re-branding proposals.
    ▪ Demonstrated complete understanding of customer lifecycle and utilized CRM software to test, execute, maintain, and update marketing campaigns to ensure successful performance and exceed goals.
    ▪ Proactively drove the reacquisition calendar to develop strategies to meet acquisition goals to generate new business from previous customers through services and solutions involving PRI’s, T-1’s, Metro Ethernet, Frame Relay, and Point to Points, to name a few.
    ▪ Encouraged productivity, strategic thinking, and accountability from all team members.
    XO Communications


    ▪ Researched and analyzed market trends and audience insights to lead integrated and disruptive marketing and brandingstrategies that connected with consumers’ needs, emotions, and values.
    ▪ Built high performing sales teams by collaborating with vendor staffing agencies and effectively onboarding new hires.
    ▪ Demonstrated track record of recruiting, training, coaching and motivating staff in the XO Agent program across the country by setting benchmarks, reviewing performance, and discovering opportunities for change to maximizerevenue targets and KPIs.
    ▪ Applied strong communications, presentation, and writing skillsets to educate personnel on brand identity guidelinesand consumer engagement tactics using digital and social media tools.
    ▪ Exceed sales metrics and goals by acquiring new customer accounts and renewing/growing existing relationships.
    ▪ Customer-centric mindset focused on building and improving relationships.

    Bachelor of Science (BS), Network & Communications Management, DeVry University

    Relevant coursework in Project Management, Management of Technology Resources, Principles of Information Security, Statistics for Decision-Making, and Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving

    SIX SIGMA w/Green Belt Certification

    Transformation Learning Series, Technology Learning Track | AT&T University

    Burton Sales Training: Selling Tactics & Techniques

    Annual Leading with Distinction & Continuing Education Compliance


    Visa │ Caterpillar │ Dekalb County Board of Education │ Florida Power & Light │ Everbrite

    Snohomish County │ American Express │ Metracc │ Global Cash │ Navistar
  7. TLR67

    TLR67 Well-Known Member

    The format is altered with the cut/copy on here....looks better as attachment.
  8. speedluvn

    speedluvn Man card Issuer

    Can you attach it so we can see your format? Format is important, especially if we are seeing the resume as the potential employer will see it
  9. TLR67

    TLR67 Well-Known Member

    BBS won’t allow word format...
  10. racesbikes

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    Do not use ampersands unless they belong in a name, such as AT&T.
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  11. beac83

    beac83 7

    That looks good if you are going for pre-sales Engineer / Application Engineer / Sales Engineer type job.

    If you are looking for pure sales account manager, I'd re-edit to emphasize skills you have demonstrated that are appropriate for an AM sales job.
    i.e. meeting sales budgets/targets, solution sales, building/expanding customer base, etc.
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  12. TLR67

    TLR67 Well-Known Member

    Understood 100%... I have not changed a thing for sales yet but I am this week... Good tip on the Ampersands...
  13. speedluvn

    speedluvn Man card Issuer

  14. Banditracer

    Banditracer Dogs - because people suck

    You forgot to put " race TLR's on the weekends". :D
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  15. rafa

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    Oh snap, I live in Dekalb Country IL
  16. GRH

    GRH Well-Known Member

    Do companies still look for 6 Sigma, 5S, etc ?
  17. Sabre699

    Sabre699 Wait...hold my beer.

    All resumes must be checked by an expert...
  18. TLR67

    TLR67 Well-Known Member

    For Project Management yes... PM certifications as well which I do not have.....
  19. sdiver

    sdiver Well-Known Member

    Consider online resume templates like from Zety.com. Im in the process of updating mine and received this advice from a few recruiters/hiring executives.

    I considered hiring a professional writer but was turned off by all the people who said you can do better yourself with a good template.

    Make sure to use keywords to get past automated resume filters. For instance, PMP might be a keyword that you dont have but you might state PMP training.
  20. elvee

    elvee Well-Known Member

    From when my wife was in the job market a couple years ago, and received really good resume / interview coaching as part of her separation package - customize every resume you send out for the specific job and company to which you are applying. Make sure you hit as many of their buzzwords from the job posting so the robot can pick them up. Use Linked In like crazy.

    And the best advice she got from the whole program? You will most likely get your next job through your own network of contacts, rather than sending out resumes.

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