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Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by 2Big4Bike, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. 2Big4Bike

    2Big4Bike Well-Known Member

    Well, circumstances change and I've got to pass this V5 bike on to someone that will get better use out of it.

    Bike is complete and just needs some final sorting. I will disclose the "good" and the "opportunities for improvement".

    1977 KZ650

    Frame partially braced
    17" wheels 3.5 front, 4.5 rear
    43mm forks
    Braced swingarm (zrx)
    4 piston brakes
    RJL pads
    4-1 exhaust
    28mm carbs
    Rear-set brackets on frame with OEM zx10 pegs and controls (cheap replacement parts)
    Relocated shock mounts (raised the rear)
    Neverland rear shocks with heavy springs (also have a set of Progressive brand shocks with lighter springs)
    Racetech 1.0 springs in forks (no upgraded valving)

    Carbs could use some tuning (running rich up top)
    The engine is seeping some oil (need to track down actual area of leak and replace gasket - used Permatex Right Stuff as a temporary band-aid - needs real fix)
    Had a shop do some work to save time getting bike ready...but shops suck so:
    they crushed the O-rings on the master link of the chain so the link should be replaced,
    they hooked up the aftermarket tachometer to the coil pick up, but it doesn't work so they hooked up a random tachometer to the mechanical pick up and it started randomly jumping during the third race of the season.

    The bike has good bones and needs a home.
    I will bring it down to VMD on Saturday for anyone that wants to check it out and take it home.

    $4300 OBO KZ650 1.JPG KZ650 2.JPG KZ650 3.JPG KZ650 4.JPG
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  2. Muz720

    Muz720 Well-Known Member

    my I ask, what bike did the front end come from? And how hard was the ZRX swing arm to install? I have 77 also and looking to up grade soon.
  3. CafeRacer

    CafeRacer Well-Known Member

  4. 2Big4Bike

    2Big4Bike Well-Known Member

    PM sent
  5. 2Big4Bike

    2Big4Bike Well-Known Member

    Entertaining offers...;)
  6. 2Big4Bike

    2Big4Bike Well-Known Member

    Motivated seller...$3500...or possible trades...maybe father/son dirty bike combo?:clap:
  7. 2Big4Bike

    2Big4Bike Well-Known Member

    Good foundation for someone that will get more use out of it than me...c'mon Southern folks, there just isn't much Vintage interest up North.

    Offers? Don't be shy.
  8. 2Big4Bike

    2Big4Bike Well-Known Member

    Somebody make an offer and race it or convert it back to a street bike.:cool:
  9. davek319

    davek319 Member

    Where are you?
  10. 2Big4Bike

    2Big4Bike Well-Known Member

    Sitting on my couch.

    Just kidding...I'm in Southern Michigan...49221
  11. 2Big4Bike

    2Big4Bike Well-Known Member

    Chain issue is fixed.
    Complete gasket kit is on its way.
    Might as well work on fixing the issues while waiting for someone to show some serious interest.
    Open to offers...don't be shy.;)
  12. 2Big4Bike

    2Big4Bike Well-Known Member

    Price drop bump...$3200

    Will include spare 650 parts motor with spare 650 cams, head, cylinders. Also, 750 cams and cylinder for possible engine upgrade.

    I've also added a fork brace.
  13. Xkstanhope

    Xkstanhope Member

    Hello. I'm very interested. Can you send me your phone number and I'll give you a call to discuss?
  14. 2Big4Bike

    2Big4Bike Well-Known Member

    PM sent
  15. 2Big4Bike

    2Big4Bike Well-Known Member

    Had a buyer lined up, but he flaked is still available and all the spares are packaged up for shipping. ;)

    Make legitimate offer before I build an 810cc kit with the spares.:D

    Will consider trade for an EX500 and cash/spares.

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