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    I have my 2008 Kawasaki KX65 mini motard up for sale. The engine was just rebuilt, top end and bottom end. Everything is brand new. All the parts used were Athena. Carb was cleaned and rebuilt at the same time. She is a certified ripper!

    Bike has 12” wheels with custom powder coated green hubs. Dunlop TT92 race tires with plenty of rubber. Basically new.
    Forks have .85kg RaceTech springs with cartridge emulators and preload spacers setup by Traxxion Dynamics.
    On the rear there is an Ohlins S36PR1C1 Rear shock (Preload, Rebound, & Compression) has 600lb spring installed (180-220lbs) plus a 420lb spring for kids comes along with it. Still in the box.

    Fork brace to help reduce flex on the front.
    Bike also has aftermarket black body work with aftermarket graphics.

    I have all the OEM parts that go along with the sale. Bodywork (green), wheels and tires, stock fork springs, and OEM shock.

    $1600 for everything

    KX65 Left Side.jpg KX65 Right Side.jpg KX65 Front.jpg KX65 Ohlins.jpg KX65 Rear.jpg
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    You in Georgia?
  3. trispdtrip

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    Yes, Woodstock
  4. Chand

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    sent you PM!
  5. trispdtrip

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    enjoy the Mad Kaw, Alex!

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